Magick - K.I.S.S. Style


No, I am not pursing my lips at you all for a juicy kiss! KISS is an abbreviation that means, "keep it simple, stupid!"  I love this philosophy because I am one of those people who loves to analyze, analyze again, and completely over think any situation that I run into.  Instead of offering me answers, it usually causes me to freeze up, as I feel overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. 

There is a time and a place for high magick and involved ritual, and I am sure that you'll agree it's not something that can easily be a part of your everyday life.  Those types of rituals and magick take time and planning, and it is very unlikely that they would present themselves well to the lunch time re-group that so many of us go through.  Hence the KISS method of magick.  I have seen books on different subjects using the KISS theory (in fact, I own one on astrology), and there might be one out their on magick, but this series is in no way related to it. 

I am also not seeking to make magick seem cheap and easy, because when you get down to the core, it is YOU that affects the change.  So, should you approach your working with a less than dedicated attitude, most likely your result will show that.   I have even bought a book on spells called "Emergency Magick" by Judika Illes which is written along the lines of the "worst case scenario" book series.  The idea itself is great; her intro put me off a bit.  I will let you read the book for yourself if you choose, and come to your own conclusions.

My aim here is to provide you with the information that you need to be confident in your magickal workings, no matter what length of planning and intricacy went into it.  You may not always agree with what I have to say here, and that is 100% fine with me - I would love to hear from you as to why.  I am not infallible, but I do however, love to debate and I LOVE to learn.  Feel free to drop me a line at with your input either way.

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KISS ME!!!   (Never said that I didn't have a twisted sense of humor!!!!)