Primary principle-Union of opposites

Sign correspondence-Gemini


Description-The central image of this card is a nude couple. The man and the woman represent the masculine and feminine energies within an individual as well as the primary duality inherent in the universe itself.  In its simplest meaning, this card symbolizes the cooperation and coming together of two people. A guiding solar angel blesses their union and gifts their marriage with Divine Radiance. He is bringing the Life of the Spirit (the sun) into their experiences on Earth, indicated by the grass upon which they stand, the stream that flows gently between them, and the mountain rising up behind. Thus the conscious, rational, human mind (Gemini) is in constant communication with Divine Order. This connection to the Higher Self melts the cloud of unknowing, an illusion temporarily separating them.


The couple has many gifts. Behind the woman is "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." It is an apple tree filled with fruit, a serpent coiled around its trunk. Obviously this is a reference to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. The woman is given the power to bring life into form through her fertility (the apples). The snake symbolizes a warning for her not to abuse her sensual nature. Yet the snake is also a symbol of the great love and wisdom that result from the rising up of the "kundalini" energy (the "Serpent Flower") in our spine (the tree trunk). The kundalini is the force of consciousness that awakens a person to the higher life of the Soul. Once this takes place, life on Earth becomes incredibly fruitful.


The man stands before "The Tree of Life." It is aflame with twelve burning leaves, each of which stands for one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Thus the man holds within himself the understanding of the twelve primary principles through which human evolution unfolds. This wisdom is his to use, but first he must overcome his identification with the separatist tendencies of the rational mind, join with his own female half, and become complete. Humanity's basic duality (Gemini) can be resolved into a greater sense of wholeness (the sun) through the awareness of the actions and presence of Spirit. This gift is only possible through the elevation of consciousness.


In the reading---The Lovers card tells us that the querent is attracted to another person. The other individual has certain personal and spiritual qualities that may help the querent find a greater sense of unity within. The querent therefore wishes to consummate the relationship and merge with the other. Clear communication between the couple is necessary if such a union is to take place. The attraction may also be in terms of an idea or ideal. The querent is seeking to refine herself through the adoption of a certain way of thinking that will bring a greater sense of inner wholeness. Major dualities in life can be resolved at this time through right human relationships.


Reversed-There are challenges in relationships. These conflicts are due to disagreements arising from a lack of proper communication. One or both of the parties involved is not thinking correctly and thus creating confusion. The cloud of misunderstanding grows larger. Egocentricity and separation are replacing love and inclusivity.


Exoteric meaning-Creating bonds. Seeing the connection between two seeming opposites. Harmony and cooperative effort.


Esoteric meaning-Androgyny: bringing all apparent opposites into balanced expression. The marriage of the feminine (receptive, formative) and masculine (assertive, expressive) facets of the psyche. The joining of the conscious and subconscious aspects of the mind.