Primary principle—Creativity

Elemental correspondence—Air

Description-The card reveals a Magician wrapped in his robe. The robe is red, indicating his personal creative force. He wears a white gown under his robe, symbolizing the purity of intention that lies behind his actions. His belt is a serpent eating its own tail, indicating the never-ending cycle of evolution. Above his head is an infinity sign, representing his connection to Spirit. One hand is holding a double-terminated wand and is pointed upwards, while his other hand points down. This gesture reflects his ability to communicate the powers and gifts of Spirit to the material world.


On a table before him are the tools he uses in his craft- a rod (spirit), a cup (emotions), a sword (mind), and a coin (matter). He has developed these aspects of life into himself and uses them for his magical, transformative endeavors. Around him circle roses and lilies, which show the development (or blooming) of consciousness and the element of aspiration towards greater spiritual achievements.


In the reading-The Magician reflects that the querent has control over the immediate environment. He has power and influence over what is going on in his life and the circum- stances that surround him. He also possesses the abilities and talents to accomplish what he is setting out to do and to achieve the goals he has in mind. The Magician card deals with the use of, a person's intuition, self-confidence, will power, intelligence, and skill in action. All of these qualities lead the querent to success and accomplishment.


Reversed-This position of the card reflects the misuse of individual power when the goal is for purely personal gain and egocentric control over the situation in question. The querent may be using deceit or manipulation in order to get what is desired instead of allowing himself to be aligned with a higher power for good.


Exoteric meaning-Enlightenment. There is a need to continue on one's path towards the understanding and appreciation of natural laws. Once armed with this knowledge, the individual may safely participate in the current situation and be a positive force for co-creating the world around him.

Esoteric meaning-The Magician illustrates how the conscious mind may be a powerful tool in life when it is connected to the natural forces that surround us. Individual consciousness is then developing according to the right use of vital energy.  A person may then invoke the Spirit (while using his own emotions, thoughts, and physical tools) to manifest and create.



Taken from the “Pocket Guide to the Tarot” by Alan Oken