Relax...Get comfortable. We're about to begin a journey in meditation together.

What is meditation, and why should I be interested in it? Two very good questions worth a few words of introduction.

Meditation is the conscious effort to stop the internal chatter of the brain. The brain is always on. It has ideas that it explores, and is thinking of tasks that are yet undone, a previous conversation, etc., etc. Meditation is the training of the subconscious to master the conscious areas of the mind. To shut off the incessant chatter, the nonstop activity that most people consider "normal". If one can master the task, the benefits are far greater than the effort expended.

Why you should be interested? The 20 minutes you spend doing a meditation will equal 4 hrs of REM sleep, for one. The reduction of stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and other life prolonging benefits are noticeable from the very start. It doesn't cost any money, and you don't have to go anywhere to do it. The wardrobe you have now is fine, and best of all - it's free.

A Word To The Wise

Get comfortable! Take off any shoes, or clothing, even jewelry that you don't want constricting your relaxation and energy flow. Sit in a comfortable place with plenty of support. I like an overstuffed chair or sofa, propped against the wall with several pillows behind my back or on my bed sitting with pillows against the headboard. Use what you have. The one thing you DO NOT want to do is LIE DOWN. You will have a tendency to fall asleep when you are first learning if you take this position. Meditation is not a nap. It is a mental exercise to train you to be master of your destiny.

Your mind will try to present you with all kinds of juicy ideas that it would love to explore, imagine the possibilities, and before you know it, you have followed the thoughts away from your path. The brain does NOT want you to master it. If your higher self, the Subconscious, has control over the Conscious, you will be master of your destiny. You will be able to erase old mental programs (habits) and replace them with new ones that will be productive. It opens the flow of Universal Information.

The Conscious Mind does not want to relinquish the reins. It has been in the drivers seat so long, it isn't about to move over easily. One of the tricks I have developed to counterattack this is to let the ideas swell up to the forefront of my mind and examine them as they slowly pass away like soap bubbles being released. It's ok to examine them, and images that appear, but don't go down the merry path with them.

Beginning - Breathing

Breathe as a jug fills with water - from the bottom first. Stretch the air into the lungs filling them as you go up. When you can hold no more, imagine the jug emptying the same way - exhale from the bottom first squeezing the lungs free of the stagnant air. Do so in smooth, easy, continuous breaths getting a rhythm as you do. It is not necessary to continually breath in this fashion, although I know those that do. It is to master breath and get in touch with the body. (If you are to master your mind, you'll have to start with it's slave first - the body!)

Let the exhaled air take away stress as you let it out. Imagine the newly "poured-in" air bringing in a freshness that purifies you with each successive breath. Imagine a crisp day, as clean, healthy oxygen fills and repairs the smallest reaches of your organism. Blood taking the cleansing gas to all parts of your body.

Relax and Let Go

Start with your feet. Let the muscles go loose, feel a warmth grow and slowly move up to your ankles. Feel the muscles in your calves grow warm and relaxed. Move this warm feeling of relaxation up the body slowly enveloping every nerve and fiber. Let the thoughts that pass through your mind, evaporate and continue to relax until every part has been just as loose and relaxed as you can be.

When you have reached this blissful state, let the energy of mind concentrate on the Third Eye, or area between your eyebrows and up about an inch. Eventually, you will immediately have your energy focused on this spot as you progress. Keep still the mind, do not struggle with the thoughts that well up, keep your goal in mind, empty your mind, let them pass away, out of your head taking all stresses and built up frustrations over those subjects with them.

Enjoy this state for 20 minutes. You may look at the clock in the beginning, but make yourself stick to 20 minutes. You'll find that your mind will keep perfect time for you after it has learned what period of time you want to be under for. It is an amazing fact, but time is a construct of our minds.

Slowly bring your mind to a wakeful state. Let the lungs breathe deeply now. Slowly let your arms and legs come back to a waking state. Slowly open your eyes and reacquaint yourself with the world. This may take a few minutes. I usually give myself 5-10 minutes to come out of it.

Personal Ritual

I set up a little altar with a small glass of water, a candle, an incense tray, incense for what energy I am working towards (love, healing, monetary help), a flower, slices of fruit, or crackers, and a 5X7 framed picture of myself.

When I am beginning my meditation, I will light the candle and incense, thinking of how important fire is to my life. It keeps me warm and heats my food. I pay homage to Fire. The incense is the air that I breath. It is the substance my prayers are carried to the fates on. I pay homage to Air. Next I sip a small portion of the water, rolling it in my mouth feeling its liquidity, thinking about how rare liquid water is in the universe and how very fortunate we are to have it. I pay homage to Water. The last item is a picture of myself, and here I pray to be worthy of the Path I have chosen and to bring Honor and Spirit to all that I do.

When I am through meditating, I will drink the water and eat the fruit. Extinguish the candle - don't blow it out. It is an affront to Fire to use Air to dismiss it. I thank the Spirit and begin the rest of my day.


After One Month

By now you should feel pretty comfortable with meditation. Have you noticed a more calm demeanor, and perhaps more restful sleep at night? Do you wake up ready for the day any easier? Your mental alertness has been put on notice and a clearer picture of your spiritual strength should start to emerge.

Have you noticed your internal timekeeper is working perfectly? Twenty minutes right on the dot. And you thought you needed a fancy Rolex to keep time with...

You will be able to induce this state at will, if you continue to practice meditation. Other chakras can be activated in the same way, and beneficial healing energies raised. When you have a strong feeling that you have mastered the technique, you will be ready for Phase Two, or replacing worn out programs for new efficient ones that work. Yes, you can break the smoking habit, or lose weight, or be whatever you desire to be.

Meditation is a tool to open your higher consciousness. It has the capacity to let you begin to project your consciousness to far away places. This is called remote viewing, or closely related - astral projection. As you let your higher centers fire, you'll notice an increase in psychic energy. You may even begin to see "glows" around people, or vibrant colors, auras depending on your sensitivity level.

These psychic abilities are inherent in all humans. We have but to develop them. Persistence will pay off in the ability to master the higher courses in Energy Work. Perhaps together we can smooth any rough spots you may have getting your Spiritual Wings strong enough to fly on your own in the Astral Planes.

Courtesy of Lozanna

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