Meditation Exercises #2


These are all very general meditations that I have used and have received a lot of guidance and re-assurance through them. Although the majority of the above are written in group leader terms you can easily adapt them, record them onto tape, or get someone whose voice you are comfortable with to do it for you.  Keep a journal of your mediations and you can see how your conversations with the Starry King and Merlin have influenced you life no matter how big or small. You can also keep a  note of how your technique grows and improves with time. Most of all enjoy them and the relaxation that they will bring you! - Laruna

If anyone recognizes these meditations then please let The Grove know so we can credit accordingly - Thanks

A Simple Grounding

Author Unknown

Imagine you are a plant, a tree, bush etc and then picture your roots growing down into the earth deeper, deeper, deeper; and deeper still until you feel them sink into a mass of water deep in the earth below you. Once you feel the water feel your awareness rising back up through the earth and rise up through you until you feel your awareness in the very tip of the tallest branch or leaf, then feel your awareness come back within you. You are now connected with what is above and below and are now completely grounded.

This is a simple mediation which can take up as little or as much time as you want.  I have a problem imagining that  I am a plant or a tree so I imagine myself sitting at the base of a Great Red Pine. There is a seat at the base of the trunk into which I fit perfectly and I can look out over a huge valley full of trees and wildlife, the air is clear and cool and an eagle soars overhead (ok I am a hopeless romantic !) . Once I have myself settled I let my mind follow the roots down into the earth as they push themselves down through the soil until they come out into a huge underground cavern. The cavern is host to a huge body of water that is dark, cold and very rough, which calms itself as the roots plunge into it. With the water now calm I feel myself rise up out of the cavern and back up through the earth and then feel myself  fly up the trunk of the tree right to the top and I can look down on my physical self sitting at the bottom of the trunk. I look up into the sky and feel the gentle warmth of the sun warm me as I breath in the  cool fresh air. I then gently slip back down the  trunk and find myself back in my body looking down over my valley.

This is a meditation that you can make your own. Have fun and let your imagination run free!!!!!

Source  -  Laruna's Circle Group

Colour Visualisation - (Group meditation leaders' notes)

Author unknown.

Sit comfortably in your chair. Legs un-crossed, hands cupped and resting lightly on your lap. Close your eyes and breathe quietly and easily. Allow your breath to slow and deepen naturally. Focus on the sound of my voice. Breathe and relax. Breath and as you exhale release all tension. Any outside noise you may hear does not disturb you, instead it reassures you that the world continues as it should. It is safe for you to relax. Breathe and relax. Breathe and keep going down and down and down.

Imagine now that you are standing on a path that leads you up a gently sloping hill. You climb the hill effortlessly and find yourself at the mouth of a cave, remove your shoes and step inside. Ahead you see a shower of pink light and you feel drawn towards it. Looking up you cannot see where the light is coming from for the ceiling of the cave is far to high it cannot be seen. Step into the light. It is the rose-pink of love, love for yourself and love for others. Feel it spill over your head and your shoulders, feel it run down your arms into your fingertips, down through your chest, your stomach, your hips, your legs and down into your feet. Feeling all this loving light flow through you and around you, cleansing you of all negativity. Anger, fear, resentment, doubt and worry, all are swept away and a deep sense of peace washes over you.

The light now changes to the brilliant blue if a summer sky. Feel this healing light course through you, flowing down through your head and neck, over your shoulders and spilling into your arms right down to your fingertips. Feel it flow down your back and chest into your stomach down through your hips and into your legs and feet. Feel it penetrate your skin and spread through your entire body, cleansing and renewing every cell and every organ of your body. Direct this healing energy, this blue light to any trouble spots you may have and feel any pain and discomfort simply melt away.

The light now changes to the golden light of the sun. Feel it cascade down from the top of your head, over your shoulders down your arms and into your fingertips. Feel it flow down your back and through your chest into your stomach and hips and continuing down your legs and into your feet and toes. Feel it wash away all tension, all tiredness. The golden sunlight streams through your entire body filling you with renewed strength and vitality. You feel uplifted and free from care.

Imagine now that your body is made of glass and that the sunlight is pouring into you from your toes to the top of your head with pure golden light.

Take a moment now to enjoy this feeling of well-being. You know that you can return to this state of mind easily by simply recalling the gentle touch of the sun on you skin.

Let the image of the cave fade from your mind. Keeping your eyes closed, and become aware of your physical surroundings, the floor beneath your feet, the chair you are resting in.

Continue to breathe quietly and easily. When you open your eyes you will feel relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.

In your own time open your eyes and return to this room.

Source - Laruna's Circle Group

Merlin - (Group  Meditation Leader's notes.)

Author Unknown

You are standing on a green track way that winds between fields of blue cornflowers. Before you a little way ahead is a tall, narrow tower, reaching upwards into the clear mid-morning air. As you approach it you see that it has several narrow windows indicating floors, and a wooden door, closed at present, with a curious brass knocker made up of entwined serpents. On the door is written : ‘THE WISDOM OF THE HEART.'

You raise the knocker and knock 3 times, at which the door opens of its own accord revealing a flight of worn steps leading upwards. As you climb you begin to feel a change in your metabolism: your breathing slows, your pulse beats to a strong steady rhythm, your sight grows clearer - so that. Although the tower is dark within, you have no difficulty in finding your way.

Soon you emerge on the first floor, and find yourself in a circular room in which the only piece of furniture is a large mirror in a carved frame. A second flight of stairs leads on upwards, You may choose to whether or not to look in the mirror, which may show you your true self or and event from your past or future life. If you wish to look into the mirror do so now. If not then wait quietly for just a moment.

You begin to climb upwards again, feeling as you do so a deepening sense of awareness, so that the stones against which your hands brush as you climb seem to posses a living quality, as does the very air you breathe, which is far clearer than you would expect within the confines of the tower.

Soon you emerge in the second floor, into another circular room. In this room there is a tapestry on the wall depicting a scene that has a deep personal meaning for you. Once again this may be something from the past or future or perhaps something symbolic.

You continue your ascent. Again you experience change, this time to your sense of hearing. Tiny sounds - mice in the stonework, spiders spinning their webs, birds singing outside the tower - become clear and sharp as crystal. At the very edge of hearing are voices, singing music of unearthly beauty.

You arrive on the third level. This time the room is filled with light which comes from a great crystal globe in the centre. You may look within if you desire and there you may see the ways in which your own deepest wishes are fulfilled. Or perhaps you may find that the light illuminates your personal path in life.

As you continue your ascent you experience change again, this time more subtle. You become aware of the connections between different things. Ideas or images which seem to exist independently of one another, are now seen to resonate, forming fresh thoughts or pictures.

Arriving at the fourth level you find yourself in another circular room where the walls are completely transparent, like glass or crystal, and where the wind seems to blow right through bringing you the rich and delicate aromas of nature. You can see, with your enhanced sight much further than you normally would and you look out across a landscape of richness and variety. This earthly paradise can take any form you wish for this is your inner kingdom.

Take a moment to look your fill.

You now ascend to the fifth level, this time emerging into a pleasant, airy room lined with bookshelves and with a clutter of curious objects scattered about. In a chair before a roaring fire sits a figure in robes of deepest blue. His hair is white yet his face seems ever young and his eyes see deeply into you. This is Merlin. He smiles in welcome and if you wish you may approach him and talk with him on any matter that concerns or puzzles you. Nothing you say will seem strange or shocking to Merlin. For he has read the very book of the stars and all potential things are known to him. If you do not wish to talk you may just sit and enjoy the silence with him.

It is now time for you to leave. Merlin rises and offers you a silver goblet in which there is a clear drink. You may choose whether or not to accept this but before you make that decision remember that to drink from Merlin's goblet is to invite truth itself and a distillation of Merlin's wisdom which will remain yours for as long as you are worthy of it. You are now ready to leave. Merlin draws aside a curtain to reveal a small wooden door in the wall which will bring you back to this place, where your journey began. Take a moment to re- establish contact with your physical surroundings. Keep your eyes closed for a moment longer. Although this journey is over you will find that your senses remain enhanced for some time to come, and whatever you discussed with Merlin, or whatever you learned during the time in his tower will be yours to refer to whenever you have the need.

You may open your eyes when you feel ready to do so.

Source - Laruna's Circle Group

The Forest

Adapted from a meditation posted at Psychic Soup

Relax back into your chair, allow your body to settle into a comfortable position.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Now, allow your mind to form the image of a forest scene.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Imagine a river flowing through your forest and that you are now sitting on one of its banks. You are now aware of the sounds of nature around you, the gentle rustling of the leaves as they gently tip against one another blown by the soft breeze.

Now, slowly move your attention to the sound of the river. Hear the water moving calmly away from you. You are safe, not too close to the edge of the water. Breathing deeply. Continue to relax as you enjoy the sounds around you.

Turn your attention inward, to the base of your spine. Imagine that a bright cord drops with ease from the base of your spine, falling into the ground and anchoring at the centre of Mother Earth. Just as quickly as you see this picture in your mind's eye you have completed the task. Everything comes to you with ease. Your body is feeling grounded, safe, and a feeling of connection envelopes your body.

Begin to notice the beautiful, vibrant sun hovering above the trees. The sun rays are radiating down towards you.

The sun's rays represent your wellness energy. Invite the rays to shower gently over your body. The temperature and brilliance of the sunshine are pleasing to you. You are comfortably warm and the sun's rays feel like a warm balm sinking into your body. Feel your bones take in the warmth, your body is further relaxed, letting go of all stresses and allowing all external thoughts to fall away from you slowly. Invite your wellness energy into each cell of your body. Notice which areas of your body resist the rays of the sun and allow yourself to release the stress you are carrying in that part of your body.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Continue to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth feeling peace, warmth and connection with Mother Earth.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

When you are ready, thank Mother Earth for gifting you with such a harmonious place to relax and be aware that you can return here any time you feel the need. Feel the sun's rays start to slowly lift away from your body. Your body remains balanced with your wellness energy, Begin to come back to full awareness,

Once you are fully present, stretch and sense your body.

We often become so grounded and serene during mediation that we forget we have bodies,

Open your eyes when you are ready.

The Starry King

Author Unknown

Close your eyes and imagine you are standing at the summit of a high hill. It is night and all around you are the noises of the night: The bark of a fox the shrill screech of an owl. But more than this, the air is filled with an energy which resonates within you like an audible note. You look up and see that the sky is filled with stars, which shine so clearly that you feel you can almost reach up and touch them. As you look your attention is drawn to a particular quarter of the heavens, there you perceive a pattern of stars which you had not noticed before. They form a rough circle, through which a patch of sky shows that is empty. As you look the circle seems to grow larger, to get nearer, until you are looking into what seems like a window in the heavens.

Into this now comes a scattering of new stars which take up the shape of a crowned figure outlined in light. This is the Starry King, who stands always behind the archetype of Arthur. A great hand and arm of light reaches down and you feel yourself lifted up, cupped as if in a mighty palm and set down again, on an island of cloud. Beneath your feet the ground is firm, and you walk a little way until you see before you a low green mound on which grows a clump of trees. There, seated beneath the shade of the great boughs, is the King, chin in hand, staring out at something which as yet remains hidden to you. As you approach he turns, and you see in his eyes many things reflected - the starry sky, your own face, and something more, an understanding and a recognition of your own destiny. You have a chance to speak with him if you wish, or you may simply sit for a while in silence, sharing his vigil until it is time for you to depart.

You will know when the moment comes to leave, and will take your leave of the king accordingly. Before you depart he offers you a blessing, which is yours to accept or refuse as you wish. If you choose to acept it you may be sure that its effects will be felt in your life for many weeks to come.

Turning, you walk away form the island across the cloudy floor, and feel yourself once again gently lifted up, carried and set down in the place form which you began. The circle of stars grows smaller and more distant and you become aware again of the night sky and the hilltop where you stand. Then this too slowly fades and you become aware again to your normal surroundings. Open your eyes and re-establish contact with the outer world.

Source - Laruna's Circle Group