The Merchant’s Spell for Selling Things

By Amber K


Before you sell merchandise, you must give things away freely.  That is, give to people of three things: a clean and cheerful shop, plenty of sunlight, and a song.  If people still don’t buy as quickly as you wish, then cleanse yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and wear turquoise and carnelian clothing.  For still better sales, give three more gifts: a smile, a warm handclasp, and spoken wish for a wonderful day.  To increase sales further, say this rhyme to yourself:


“Bargain for both, when you tarry awhile,

Fair trade, square trade, handshake, smile.”


If you wish to sell still more, give away more: sympathy for troubles, good will, and a story of hope.  If you are still not selling, give up on the chocolate dipped pickles and try opening a pizza place.