Miscellaneous Links - Graphics and Web Design Tools and Resources


Pagan Gifs, Jpegs and more - Free site specializing in Pagan Graphics

Laren's Pagan Graphics - Great pagan Graphics, highly recommended

FreeSite.com (great place for web and graphic resources free!)

Java File (this site has free java applets, scripts, tutorials and more)

Gisella's Gifts for You (another good site...I highly recommend it)

AOLPress (if you know absolutely NO HTML code this is a less expensive solution than some of the other web builder programs)

TUCOWS Network (this site has almost anything you can think of!)

Creativepro.com - Another great resource site for graphics

Corel Homepage (if you use any of their graphic design products or plugins this is a great page for tips, etc)

Adobe Home Page (the same as Corel, they have free downloads and they offer a free newsletter with great resource articles)

Webmonkey.com - this site has some great html tutorials, resources and tips for all levels