Miscellaneous Spells - Part 2

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A Valentine’s Day Love Spell / Binding Spell for Lovers (A Spell for Lupercalia)

 Smell the Flowers Spell / Spell for Depression / Spell for Ending Nightmares / Will Spell

Three Goddesses Spell / Morning Aura Wake Up


A Valentine’s Day Love Spell

By Gerina Dunwich


Valentine’s Day is the ideal time of the year for women and men to perform love magic.  To attract a new lover into your life, draw a bath during any of the Venus hours of this day (7:00 AM, 2:00 PM, or 9:00 PM).  To the bathwater add a handful of rose petals and six drops of music oil.  (Six is a magical number ruled by Venus.)  To enhance the spell, burn love-attracting incense such as African violet, cherry, cinnamon, gardenia, ginger, hibiscus, jasmine, lavender, lotus, rose, strawberry, or vanilla.  Surround the tub with the flickering flames of pink candles and then fill your mind with romantic thoughts as you bathe and whisper the following rhyme:


“Lover hear me call to thee.  Let these words enchant and draw.  Lover find your way to me.  Love is the magic, love is the law.  As it is willed, so mote it be.”

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Binding Spell for Lovers (A Spell for Lupercalia)

By Edain McCoy


The roots for Valentine’s Day are in an ancient Roman holiday named for wolves.  Wolves mate for life, and the Romans believed that Lupercalia, February 15, is the day they chose to select their partners.  To strengthen the ties that bind you to your life’s partner, anoint each other’s body during a waxing Moon with a potion consisting of any of the following: hair from a dog to connect with the wolf’s energy, damiana to enhance sexual stamina, rosemary or mullein to promote lasting love, vanilla or apple blossom to create romance, willow for binding, and yerba mate for friendship.  As you anoint various points on your lover’s body, renew the vows you’ve made to each other according to your shared vision for your life together.  There are as many ways to love as there are lovers.

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Smell the Flowers Spell

By Amber K

Have you ever driven a long way and arrived early only to realize that you were traveling on autopilot and missed the trip?  If so, try this spell during your next journey.  As you climb into your car, say aloud:

“As I travel, Mercury, let me be here, let me see, mind awake and eyes alter, tales to tell, so mote it be!”

Now pretend that you are going to report on this trip later.  Look for items worth telling about – a giant cottonwood, for instance, its age, its history, its size and beauty; or a dilapidated old house, and the shrubbery that covers it and makes it seem spooky.  Keep discovering new items until you have collected nine, then rehearse them in your mind.  If you forget any, make sure to find something to replace it.

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Spell for Depression

By Janina Renee

Depression distorts a person’s outlook on life, but the following spell can help you see things differently.  To begin, as the Sun rises hold a golden ring up to the dawn-glow. (Or, if you have a view of a low horizon, where you can look directly at the Sun for the first few seconds without hurting your eyes, you can hold the ring up to the Sun disk.)  Looking through the ring, visualize a stream of golden rays flowing in through your eyes, suffusing every cell in your brain and every atom of your being, as you say:

“I am filled with golden radiance!”

Rise on nine mornings and watch the Sun come up nine times.  Overcast days do not count, but get up anyway, to salute the eastern quarter.  Note: This spell should be combined with proper medical treatment if needed.

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Spell for Ending Nightmares

By Therese Francis

At the end of the day as your child is getting ready for bed, you can help create a psychically safe space for him or her to keep nightmares out.  To start, have the child stand next to his/her bed.  Rub your own hands together briskly until they tingle, and starting at the top of the child’s head move your hands down the outside of the child’s body about three inches from the surface.  Imagine a blue shell enclosing your child in safety as you do so, and have your child imagine the blue shell, too.  Then have the child make a blue shell for you.

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Will Spell

By Maria Kay Simms

To strengthen your will, stand at the bottom of a steep hill.  Call upon the energy of the Earth, reaching deep into her center and feeling her energy flowing up through your feet and throughout your body.  Take three deep breaths, and begin to climb.  When you arrive at the top of the hill, turn slowly clockwise three times and look at the view, as you offer thanks to the Mother, to the universe, and to the power within yourself for your discipline and will in reaching the top.  Breathe deeply, reflecting on what you have accomplished and what you will now be able to accomplish.  Feel the energy of Earth beneath you, close your eyes, turn slowly clockwise three times, and look down at the ground.  Find a small token from the Mother to take with you as a reminder of what you have learned about yourself.

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Three Goddesses Spell

By Janina Renee

In a north German tradition, the Sun, Moon, and Earth were revered as three sisters called Borbet, Ambet, and Wilbet, or “the Three Eternal Ones.”  These sisters were granted powers over the human mind, soul, and body.  To invoke the blessings of these three goddesses, go out into your garden and tie gold, silver, and green ribbon around the branch of a tree near your door while chanting:

“Three sisters fine, three sisters fair, accept my love and hear my prayer.  Bless one and all who pass by me here.”

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Morning Aura Wake Up

By Therese Francis

On a dreary, sleepy morning on which you feel you’ll never get started, rub your hands together until they tingle.  Then, starting at your head, imagine rainbow-colored energy coming out of your hands and flowing over your body from your head to your toes.  Starting again at your head, pull the energy down your back to the back of your feet.  Again, starting at your head, pull the energy over your right side, then over your left side.  See yourself enclosed in the rainbow-colored egg of healthy energy.

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