Miscellaneous Spells #3 

Chinese New Year Dragon Spell :: Barrier Removal Spell ::  Being in the Now Fashion Ritual :: Capricorn Energy Spell :: Circle Amulet Spell ::  Conversing with Spirits 


Chinese New Year Dragon Spell

Gerina Dunwich

To dispel all negative vibrations and bad luck, place a small jade dragon upon your altar and anoint it with a few drops of cypress or lotus oil.  Light some dragon’s blood incense and place it in a fireproof burner to the right of the dragon.  To the left of the dragon, light a new black candle that has also been anointed.  Take the dragon in your hands, pass it clockwise through the smoke of the incense nine times.  Nine is a magical number that symbolizes completeness and the highest attainment of achievements on both a spiritual and mental level.  After you have done this, return the dragon to the altar and recite the following incantation:

“Let this dragon spell be made this hour to keep me sage from harm.  Negative vibrations fade by power of the dragon’s charm.  So mote it be!”

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Barrier Removal Spell

By Maria Key Simms

For this spell, play strongly rhythmic music as you build a wall around yourself out of children’s blocks, boxes, or whatever else is handy.  Think of this wall as a boundary that exists in your mind and restricts you from feeling free.  Turn slowly within your wall and contemplate this boundary.  Ask yourself if this boundary is not just a product of your own fear of change.  Feel the fear build within you, and, when you are ready, firmly and decisively break down the wall.  Dance freely and wildly outside and around your broken wall, as you resolve to accept new freedom in your life.  When your energy peaks, ground some of it by kneeling to touch the ground and giving thanks for your power to change.  Conclude by saying, “With harm to none, so mote it be!”

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Being-In-The-Now Fashion Ritual

By Yasmine Galenorn


You’ve gained weight and have three sizes of clothes in your closet.  While comfortable with yourself, the sight of these smaller versions of you makes you queasy.  What to do?  Try making a cleansing ritual out of it.  First, try on all of your clothes and divide into three piles:

  • Those that don’t fit

  • Those that fit but that you don’t like

  • Those that fit and you like

When your closet is empty, smudge the space with jasmine incense.  Visualize lovely, well-fitting clothes hanging there, then hang up those clothes that fit.  Of those that fir but you don’t like, decide what you must keep due to budget.  The rest, along with the clothes that don’t fit, you will bundle off to the nearest thrift shop.  Now, your closet is ready, clean, and waiting for you to fill it with new clothes.

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Capricorn Energy Spell

By Silver RavenWolf

For a spell to tap into the Capricornian urge to build, you will need an 8 ½  by 11inch piece of graph paper and a pencil or a pen.  On a Saturday, write down as specifically as you can what it is that you wish to build.  Include also the boundaries that must be set, and the foundation that you need to create.  Draw the symbols of Saturn (V) and Capricorn (a) on the paper, then write a list of your ancestors on the back of the paper.  Each day, fill in one line of boxes by coloring them in with colored pencils as your burn your favorite incense.  Repeat your intentions mentally or aloud as your work on the paper.  After you complete each line, fold the paper into a square and place under a bowl that contains salt and dirt.  When your desire manifests, bury the paper, the salt, and the dirt in your backyard.

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Circle Amulet Spell

By Janina Renee

The circle symbolizes both the Sun and the archetype of the self.  These are astrologically appropriate, for Sun signs represent self-expression.  Carl Jung thought it was important for people to meditate on symbols of the self, but in modern life many of us lose our ability to do so.  Therefore, an important addition to anyone’s collection of magical jewelry is a circular brooch or pendant.  If you have such an article, charge it with the following spell to recall you to yourself.  First, hold the item to the light of the noon Sun as you recite:

“In this round, myself am found; whole unto myself, at one with the circle of power and creation.”

Then, wear this amulet when feeling tired or ill, to invoke the restoration that comes through reconnection with the deep self.

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Conversing with Spirits

By Gwydion O’Hara

If you wish to revisit a passed-on loved one, this is a rite that may open the doorway between the realms.  On the anniversary of the departed one’s death, go off alone and light three purple candles and one black cat candle figure.  Arrange them on a table with a mirror and turn out the lights.  As you sit before the mirror and candlelight, call out the departed one’s name over and over as if chanting a sacred mantra.  After a time, you will see the spectre of the departed one behind you as you gaze into the mirror.  Continue chanting, and you will hear the spectre’s voice as if it were your own thoughts.  When the spirit has said all that he or she wishes, the spectre will disappear.  Afterwards, extinguish the candles and thank the spirit aloud for heeding your call.  Take flowers to the resting place of the departed as a gesture of gratitude.

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