Primary principle-Psychic awareness; danger

Sign correspondence—Pisces


Description-The serious face of the moon is overtaking the sun. This may also be read as an eclipse: the light of pure consciousness (sun) is being taken over by the emotional nature (moon). The result is the quickening of fear and the stimulation of the animal nature (the wolf and the dog). The warning is clear: do not let false psychic impressions overtake the situation. Spiritual insight is at an elementary stage. This is seen by the shellfish coming out of the water and moving onto the first step of the Path. A person will be. led to truth, but the mountain of accomplishment is yet to be climbed. Only fifteen "drop- lets" rain down from the lunar sphere. Twenty-two is the number of the Major Arcana; thus some information is lacking and wisdom is not present. The number fifteen may also refer to the fifteenth card, The Devil. If so, the warning is even more clear: do not let the desire nature dominate the situation at hand.


The divided towers contain darkened windows. There is separation without enlightenment. The emotions run very high, giving the tendency to exaggeration and self-deceit. Promise of the wisdom of Initiation is present, as the Path leads to the top of the mountain, but the current state of mind is such that further study, meditation, and contemplation are necessary. The moon is not full; the sun is obscured. The entire scope of the situation has not been formulated, nor is there enough vital energy to create something new. The dog barks, the wolf howls: fear and uncertainty are present.


In the reading--There are hidden forces at work in the querent's life. Things aren't as simple or as clear as they might seem. There is a need for caution when making decisions, especially of an emotional nature. Disillusionment is likely to occur surrounding personal matters and endeavors.


Reversed--Instabilities and deceptions aren't as threatening as they seem. The querent may be distracted and emotion- ally insecure, needing to balance feelings by the application of reason.


Esoteric meaning--The Moon deals with anything mysterious and belonging to the unknown. It reflects a facet of life requiring further experience, training, and emotional self-discipline.


Esoteric meaning--Evolutionary growth occurs when

emotionally stimulated psychism is replaced by the clear light of intuition. True spiritual development comes through the alignment of the personal emotions with the Light of the Soul. This gift results from meditation, study, and dedication.


Taken from the “Pocket Guide to the Tarot” by Alan Oken