Moon Correspondences and Information
Esbats and other moon rites
Esbats are rites held for the purpose of communing with the Moon's
energies and are regarded as the time for most magickal workings. As
opposed to the Sabbats, which are fire or sun festivals, Esbats are
dedicated to the Moon in her various phases. These are considered
the 'working' celebrations, the time in which to attract, banish,
invoke protection, or to perform any other magickal workings. Most
Sabbat festivals are held in order to celebrate the changing of the
seasons, the gathering of the harvest, etc. The Esbats are held in
honor of the Goddess. The Lunar Year contains 13 Full Moons. These
have all been called by various names in the past but the ones that
seem to have become the most popular are:
Jan Wolf Moon Fearn - Alder
Feb Ice or Storm Moon Saille - Willow
Mar Chaste Moon Nuin - Ash
Apr Seed / Growing Moon Huathe - Hawthorn
May Hare Moon Duiir - Oak
June Mead Moon Tinne - Holly
July Hay Moon Coll - Hazel
Aug Corn Moon Muin - Vine
Sept Harvest Moon Gort - Ivy
Oct Blood Moon Ngetal - Reed
Nov Snow Moon Beth - Birch
Dec Oak or Cold Moon Luis - Rowan
But that's only 12 you say? That's because the 13th Moon is called
the Blue Moon, this occurs when four full moons fall within the same
season (as regular seasons only have 3 full moons, the fourth full
moon between solstice and equinox, or vice versa, is the Blue Moon).
Obviously this must happen once a year, and always at a different
time due to the inaccuracies of the modern calendar. The Celts
originally set their year to correspond with the 13 moons but with
the coming of the Romans and their method of calendar keeping this
tradition was lost. Their 13th Moon was called Ruis or Elder.
The Blue Moon is considered the 'goal moon', at this time it is
customary to set specific goals for yourself and to review your
accomplishments and failures since the last one.
The other 12 Moons all have special meanings as well.
January is the time to conserve energy by working on personal
problems that involve no one else. It is also a time for protection
rites and reversing spells. During this month the energy flow is
sluggish and below the surface.
February is the time for loving the self, accepting responsibility
for past errors, forgiving yourself, and making future plans. At this
time the energy flow is working toward the surface; good for
purification, growth, and healing.
March is the time for new beginnings, breaking illusions, and seeing
the truth in your life however much it may hurt. The energy flow
breaks into the open, a good time for growing, prospering, and
exploring. Light and Dark are in balance now.
April is the time for working on your temper, emotional flare-ups,
and selfishness. The energy is flowing into creating and producing; a
good time for change, self-confidence issues, taking advantage of
opportunities, and realizing self-reliance.
May is the time for strengthening the connections with supernatural
protectors and beings around you. The energy is in full flow making
this a good time for intuition, propagating, and connecting with
faeries and nature spirits.
June is the time for decision making, taking responsibility for
present happenings, working on personal inconsistencies, and for
strengthening and rewarding yourself for your positive traits. The
energy is in full, but restive, flow, the Earth tides are turning
making this a good time for protection, strengthening, and prevention
July is the time for dream-work, divination, and meditation on
spiritual goals and plans. The energy is slower and more relaxed,
proper for success and prosperity spells. This month is the time to
start preparing for the colder and darker months ahead.
August is the time for harvesting, gathering, and appreciating. The
energy flow is slowing more and now is the time of vitality, health,
and friendships.
September is the time for organizing and straightening up physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter. The energy flow is resting
and Light and Dark are in balance.
October is the time for inner cleansing. Meditate on the laws of
Karma and thoughts of reincarnation. This is the time of letting go,
justice, balance, and inner harmony.
November is the month of transformation. It is time to prepare for
the coming winter and a time to strengthen communication with the god
or goddess closest to you. The energy flow is taking root and
preparing to flow once more.
December is the time of Spiritual Paths. The Earth tides are turning
and it is time to reach out to friends and family, the lonely, and
the needy. This is the month of death and renewal. Spells should
should be aimed at endurance and provision.
Pagans and Witches dearly love their holidays and sometimes go to
extremes to celebrate them. But what if they need to cast a
particular spell, remove, lessen, or increase some aspect of their
life, or if they need to perform a healing ritual, or connect with
their personal deity, or ask for protection, energy, insights, or
help? All these things can be aligned with the phases of the moon. If
you have a particular need, determine what phase the moon is in and
write your spell/ritual accordingly.
On this page I've included a run-down of the various moon-phases and
what they mean in your life. Keep in mind that one is not limited to
following the meanings too rigidly. For example: If you need to bring
money into your life and it's the waning moon ask that your bills be
removed or that your needs be lessened.