Myrtle Crown Spell for the New Moon

By deTraci Regula


Venus, the Roman Aphrodite, has as her symbol the evergreen myrtle.  If thoughts of love are distressing you, make a simple crown of myrtle to make romance more possible in your life.  To begin, take a piece of bendable wire and gently shape it around your forehead.  Connect the ends at the back.  Then bind strands of myrtle around the wire.  If fresh myrtle is not available, use silk myrtle available from craft shops.  Speak these words when you place the crown on your head:


“Venus, goddess of love, as I wind this sacred fillet I wind away fear.  I bind love to me.  Venus venerandum, she who must be revered, may I make no sin against the laws of love, and may I be loved in return.”


Wear the fillet when you feel that love has got the best of you, or when your relationships are not working well.