Numerology Keywords


Author Unknown 

These keywords are grouped into:

Constructive: A constructive person makes an effort to be a leader or pioneer rather than a follower. He tries to build and not tear down, He makes an effort to succeed by his own will power. Our numbers have the ability to help us if we choose to live constructive lives.

Negative: A negative person is in the middle of a seesaw. He may be led up or down. He always follows the crowd, and doesn't contribute anything constructive to life. He lacks the courage to express himself. The negative side is if we slum or drift through life; refusing to do our share.

Destructive: A destructive person never sees the bight side of anything. His is disagreeable, depressing, weakening, and pessimistic. A destructive expression is when the person deliberately takes action in the wrong direction.

Careers: I have also listed suggested/suitable careers for the numbers.


Constructive: Creative, original, independent, courageous, progressive, positive, will-power, leadership, pioneer, activity, force ambition, intuitive, gregarious.

Negative: Laziness, fear, contrariness, stagnation, stubborn, egotism, fickle, egocentric, prone to self-delusion.

Destructive: Tyranny, monomania, antagonism, bullying,  self-at-all-costs, domination.

Careers: Business enterprise, writing, advertising, exploring, science, field researcher, salesman, proprietor.


Constructive: Love, service, gentleness, harmony adaptable, charm, diplomacy, friendliness, rhythm, music, receptive, cooperate, considerate of others, detail, patient, loyal.

Negative: Vacillation, apathy, indifference, shyness, self-effacement, over-sensitive, spineless, bootlicking, sulky, discontent, sluggish, careless, dependant, can be taken in by others.

Destructive: Deception, mischief-making, cruel, coward, bad temper, sly, lying, pessimism.

Careers: Farming, social work, fishing, nursing, medical practice, butler.


Constructive: Artistic Expression, joy of living, freedom form worry, optimism, inspiration, talent, imagination, good taste, sociable, friendly, kind, enthusiastic, lucky, adaptable.

Negative: Worry, whining, criticism, gossip, extravagance, vanity, trivial, superficial, exaggeration, silly pride, flighty, chaotic, flirtatious, unwilling to settle.

Destructive: Jealous, hypocrisy, wasteful, yellow streak, intolerance. 

Careers: Artist, business troubleshooter, driver, pilot, professional driver.


Constructive: Practical, service, patience, exact, organization, application, devotion, patriot, conservative, pragmatism, dignity, economy, trust, worthiness, endurance, loyal, hard-working,  industrious, keeps the long-term in mind, logical.

Negative: Plodding, narrow, exaction, repression, minuteness, clumsy, dogmatic, crude, brusque, restriction, rigid, stern, dull, stick-in-the-mud, unimaginative.

Destructive: Vulgar, animalism, hatred, violence, jealous, inhuman, resistance, destruction, cruel.

Careers: Financial investor, financial adviser, executive, craftsman, factory worker, numerologist.


Constructive: Freedom, progress, versatile, understanding, variety, adaptable, mental curiosity, life experience, clever, unattachment, sociable, change, discard, travel, adventure, companion ability, quick witted, friendly, intelligent, exploratory.

Negative: Irresponsible, procrastination, careless, self-indulgence, thoughtless, inconsistency, sensationalism, bad taste, deceitful, garrulous, hyperactive, hypocritical, unable to participate.

Destructive: Immoral, perversion, abuse of freedom, indulgence in drink, dope and sensuality.

Careers: Musician, newspaper or magazine editor, librarian, researcher, academic, salesperson.


Constructive: Love, harmony, home, responsible, adjustment, musical, talent, sympathy, understanding, domestic, guardianship, stable, poise, protection, healing, firm, balance, idealism, conscientious, justice, burden-bearing, service to mankind, industrious, strong willed, graceful.

Negative: Anxiety, worry, meddlesome, bustling activity, misplaced sympathy, mistaken ideals, interference, pernickety. 

Destructive: Cynicism, egotism, suspicion, jealousy, slavery, domestic tyranny. 

Careers: Teacher, lawyer, social worker, child minder, doctor, nurse, farmer.


Constructive: Mental analysis, technical, introspection, peace, poise, scientific research, spiritual, faith, trust, stoicism, refinement, wisdom, silence, "Theories and Fundamentals", perceptive, truthful, observant.

Negative: Melancholy, fault-finding, sarcasm, cold, aloof, skepticism, confusion, humiliation, nervous, erratic, absent-minded, shy, sluggish, unable to cope with world.

Destructive: Faithless, turbulence, drink, malice, suppression, deceitful, theft, cheating, craftiness.

Careers: Artist,, dancer, commentator, clerk, academic, scientist, tarot reader and diviner.


Constructive: Power, authority, success, material freedom, judgment, discrimination, executive ability, organization, leadership, management, practical, thorough, dependable, self-reliance, control, the Power to succeed, just, determined, foresighted.

Negative: Strain, hard, materialism, ambition for self and money, demand for recognition, intolerance, worry, scheming, love of power, careless, impatience, poor judgment, misspent energy, unforgiving, calculating, not spontaneous.

Destructive: Bully, abusive, revenge, oppressive, injustice, cruel, unscrupulous.

Careers: Business investor, proprietor, politician, soldier, adviser.


Constructive: Universal love, brotherhood, charity, compassion, the higher law, artistic genius, selfless service, philanthropy, humanitarian, magnetic, sympathy, understanding, romance, generous, breadth of viewpoint, artistic, spiritually minded, broad minded.

Negative: Emotional, emotive, egocentric, sentimental, dissipation of forces, indiscretion, impractical, fickle, aimless, dreaming, conceited, devious, power-hungry.

Destructive: Dissipation, immorality, vulgar, bitter, morose.

Careers: Writer, business executive, small business owner, cleric, magical order adept, gardener.


Constructive: Inspirational, intuition, revelation, invention, poetry, art, spiritual, fire, zeal, idealism, priestly, evangelist, martyrdom, exhortation, immaterial, patient listens to others.

Negative: Aimless, penurious, shiftless, lack of understanding fanatic, self-superior, imposition of personal will or standards, projects own faults on others, can't take criticism, lazy. (see negative of #2)

Destructive: Miser, debauchery, degradation, dishonesty, devilry, the attributes of the Crook.

Careers: Cleric, counselor, artist, diplomat, politician, teacher of the New Age.


Constructive: Power (on all planes), practical idealism, industrious, loyal, logical, supportive, insightful, optimistic, generous, direction (international), uplifting (universal), the Material Master.

Negative: Promotion (get-rich-quick schemes), "Big Talk", inferiority complex, grudging service, indifferent, cynical, pessimistic, manipulative, does not complete tasks. (see negative of # 4).

Destructive: Viciousness, black magic, crime.

Careers: Engineer, architect, factory worker, organizer, developer, landscaper, designer, clerk, secretary.