Potpourri Recipes (Dry)


Mixing the Potpourri


Technically, this is quite simple.  Magically, this is the most important step.


  1. Gather the necessary ingredients.  (All ingredients should be completely dried.  Don’t substitute an oil for an herb unless recommended.)

  2. Place the first ingredient into a large bowl.  Touch it.  Stroke it.  Smell its aroma, visualize.

  3. Separately add each ingredient following the same system; touch, smell, visualize.

  4. Rub together the herbs with your fingers, mingling their powers and fragrances.  Deepen your visualization.  Feel the power under your fingertips.  Sense its realness.

  5. Place the potpourri in a suitable container and use as needed.


That said, here are the recipes.  Though we list recommended quantities, feel free to alter these to suit your individual taste.



Money Potpourri


1 cup Oakmoss

1 cup cedar shavings

1 cup patchouli

¼ cup vetivert, powdered (or pulled apart)

1 tbsp. nutmeg, ground

1 tsp. cinnamon, ground

1 pinch ginger, ground



Protection Potpourri


½ cup juniper berries, whole

½ cup basil, whole

2 tbsp. frankincense, ground

2 tbsp. dill seeds, whole

2 tbsp. fennel seed, whole

2 tbsp. clove, whole

8 bay leaves, torn to pieces



Love Potpourri


1 ½ cups rose petals or rose buds

1 cup lavender

¼ cup camomile

¼ cup vanilla bean, chopped (optional)

2tbsp. calamus or Benzoin, ground

2 tbsp. cardamom seed, ground



Psychic Potpourri


1 cup lemongrass

½ cup mugwort

¼ cup star anise (or regular anise), whole

2 tbsp. thyme

2 tbsp. yarrow

1 tsp. mace

Dash genuine saffron (if available)



Healing Potpourri


1 cup rosemary, whole

¼ cup coriander seed, whole

¼ cup sandalwood, ground or chips

1/8 cup sassafras, whole

2 tbsp. peppermint

1 pinch poppy seed



Courage Potpourri


½ cup black pepper berries, whole (not ground!)

½ cup allspice berries, whole

1/8 cup thyme



~Taken from, “Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects” by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington