Color Correspondences 

~Taken from "Thorson's Principles of Healing" - by Ambika Wauters and Gerry Thompson

DARK BLUE Confident Conservative Responsible Reliable Tranquil Introspective Wise Discerning 
Intuitive Intelligent

LIGHT BLUE Peaceful Loving Affectionate Idealistic Sincere Communicative Creative Possesses 

BLUE GREEN Sophisticated Creative Egocentric Fussy Orderly

GREEN Peaceful Loyal Balanced Generous Stable Sensitive Endearing Tenacious

YELLOW-GREEN Perceptive Non-judgmental Fearful

YELLOW Cheerful Enthusiastic Intelligent Powerful Optimistic Competitive Variable

WHITE Neat Orderly Critical Self-sufficient Cautious Motivated Spiritual Positive

GREY Tranquil Aloof Guarded

BLACK Sophisticated Serious Authoritative Dramatic Dignified Secure Mystifying Death THE UNKNOWN

BEIGE Well-adjusted balanced Hardworking Reliable Honest

BROWN Passive Receptive Loyal Homespun Sense of Duty Hardworking Toiling Drudgery

ORANGE Warm creative joyful immediate Assertive Expressive Sexual

PINK Loving Relaxed Warm-hearted Maternal 

RED Energetic Sensual Successful Impulsive Restless Extroverted Impatient Intense

PURPLE Spiritual Sensitive Intuitive Open-minded Welcoming

VIOLET Intricate Mystical Unifying Enchanting