Racoon & Wolf

from Animal Energies by Gary Buffalo Horn Man and Sherry Firewalker


Raccoons are primarily nocturnal. On summer days, they can sometimes be seen resting high in a tree, occasionally appropriating the nest of a Hawk or a Crow. Usually, though, they spend their days sleeping in the hollow of a tree.

Raccoons often travel in small groups of one or two families. They forage for fruits, vegetables, small animals and birds.

They will raid a farm or a house if wild food is scarce. They are excellent swimmers and can catch fish. Since they take to trees for safety, they never venture too far from this source of security. An adult male can weigh 50 pounds, and although they are slow runners, they can be tough fighters. They are very clean animals and will wash meat in water before consuming it. There are six species of Raccoon in North America, but no related species are found in Europe.

Raccoons share their gift of curiosity with us. They will explore  and examine a myriad or places and situations for potential food and fun, but mostly for food. They will leave no stone unturned in the search for an easy meal. Sherry once woke up to tapping sounds on her window and sat up to find herself eye to eye with a Raccoon, perched on the stone wall beside the house. The Raccoon did not scurry off, but looked as if to say, "Might you have a snack that you could part with?" When Sherry took to leaving food on the porch for it, Raccoon returned nightly. If Raccoon has come into your awareness, you are being asked to examine your surroundings more carefully and with a more inquisitive mind. Perhaps you have overlooked something that could be of benefit to you.

The negative side of curiosity is that it can get you into trouble if you are prying into the wrong places. Are you sticking your nose in somewhere that it might not belong? Are you looking for an easy way out when that might not be the best thing for you? Which is it that Raccoon is trying to get you to see the negative or the positive? Be honest with yourself, because when Raccoon taps at your window, only you can determine from your life's circumstances of it is advising you to be more or less, curious.


This comes again from Animal Energies by Gary Buffalo Horn Man and Sherry Firewalker


There are several species of Wolf differ greatly in size, from 30 to 150 pounds. Before humans decimated their numbers, Wolves lived in a variety of climates from the arctic to the subtropics. All of their senses are super and well above human capabilities. They prey mostly on hoofed animals, such as deer, moose or elk. Wolves hunt in packs, relying on endurance to run down weak and older animals. They have been known to run 35 miles a day in pursuit f . With an extremely well developed social organization, they act together to hunt and raise their young. They exercise a rigid hierarchy in these packs, with the dominant wolf calling all the shots. There are no documented cases of a wild Wolf killing a human in North America, though there are cases that have been verified in Europe. Wolves actually prefer to avoid people. They are seldom aggressive towards each other and rarely do they engage in actual violence. Only when Wolves are having a dominance struggle or when a stray tries to infiltrate the pack will there be blood shed.

Wolf medicine can teach you to have balance between your family's needs for you and your needs for you. Wolves are totally loyal to the pack, but do not give up their identity to the pack. If Wolf has come to you or into your life in some fashion, you are being asked to look at where you are being too dependent and where you may be too independent. In both family and community, there needs to be a balance between me and us. Wolf can help you learn this.

In Wolf terms, you can't be too loyal to the pack. In human terms, you can become too devoted to an idea, a group, or family unit, particularly if the family is dysfunctional and robbing your power. If Wolf makes itself known to you, it may hide the message that it is time to break away from the pack you are in and start your own.

WOLF SAYS- Find new paths and options. Break through. Be a role model. Share your inner knowledge. (Medicine Cards for today by Jamie Sams and David Carson)