Wise and magical goddess of the moon, Rhiannon hears our wishes and guides us on the path of inspiration - but only if we learn how to ask!



I ask and therefore I receive

I deserve to fulfill my destiny

I welcome change in my life

I see the path intended for me

My future is full of possibilities

I invite new choices into my life

My goals are becoming manifest

I deserve to have my dreams realized


Essences: bayberry, cedar, pine, and rosemary

Gemstones: cat's-eye, ruby and moonstone


Rhiannon (Great Queen) was the lunar Welsh Goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic. Born with the first moonrise, Muse of poets, source of artistic inspiration, she was worshipped outside amidst the trees at woodland alters and underneath the Moonlight. Her ethereal beauty and dignified strength serve to

remind us what all women are, and will continue to be.


She is symbolized by an unearthly white mare and three birds that sang so sweetly they could raise the dead. She was honored for granting the wishes of those who could ask for what they wanted, and she was known to scorn those who could not, or would not, ask for what they wanted. A shining vision in white and gold robes, she

caught the attention of her future husband while out riding her mare one day. Entranced, he rode for days to catch up with her, but it was only when he called out to her to stop, that she did. When he caught up with her, she said to him "... it would have been better for your horse had you asked long before this."


So too, can Rhiannon grant your wish, if you only ask. If you are stuck in a rut at the moment and not sure what to do next, then ask Rhiannon for guidance. Allow her to take you on the path of

inspiration, and find your way to fulfillment.


Try this activity to help manifest your wish. Prepare a Rosemary plant and a garden bed (or a pot) to plant it in, and at the next full moon write down your request. Hold your request to the moon and invoke Rhiannon's power with the words:


Rhiannon, blessed goddess of the shining moon,

Examine my heart and seek my motive.

If my motive is pure, then I ask you to

grant my humble request.

So let it be!


Place your request in the earth and plant the Rosemary on top of it. At each full moon, use the Rosemary in your cooking, and take the

opportunity to dwell on your wish. Because, think about this: a thought repeated becomes a mantra, and positive mantras manifest our dreams.