Ritual for Releasing Animals

from Ed Fitch's book - Magical Rites from the Crystal Well.

Take 3 deep breaths as you make the sign of the Pentagram with your right hand (Starting at the top, down to the right, up left, across, down left, and up to the starting point). The hand should be making the sign of the Horns; that is, with the index and the small finger raised and the rest of the hand in a clenched position.

As you breathe in, feel and image as clearly as you can, that you are breathing in not merely through your lungs, but in through every pore of your body, breathing in the white, pure light which pervades the entire universe.

Then breathe out carefully three breaths, pointing with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand in the direction of the small body, saying, either aloud or in your mind quite clearly in these or similar words:

Small friend, in the Name of the Gracious Lady, 

I bid you to forget your broken shell, 

It can serve you no longer. 

I bid you in the Name of the Patroness of things wild and free, 

To go beyond.... 

To rest, to enjoy the Summerland.

As you do so, picture again with the mind a glowing door off somewhat to the West of the body. A glowing portal which is open and through which can be seen a forest, or meadows, or whatever may be most enjoyable to the small creature.

Close with 'Blessed Be, small friend and farewell