Rune Table

Information taken from, "Wheel of the Year" by Pauline and Dan Campinelli

Rune Symbol Rune Name Meaning Purpose Number Associated Color Associated
f Material Wealth Prosperity 1 Green
u Strength For personal strength and courage 2 Green or Brown
Protection from Evil Protection - as from evil magic 3 Black
a Odin Ancestor To gain ancient wisdom 4 Indigo or Purple
r Travel Quest To find that which you seek 5 Blue or Violet
k Transforming Fire As an offering or for skill in a craft 6 White or Gold
g Union Partnerships or sex magic 7 Pink, Red or Purple
w Joy For happiness or harmony 8 Pink or Yellow
* The Unexpected Not really one to be used 9 (no color given)
n Constraint For self-control or protection 10 White or Blue
i Immobility For a rest period or to stop slander 11 White or Silver
j Year or Harvest For justice or Agriculture 12 White or Green
s A channel For communication with other realms 13 Indigo or Purple
p Karma, Hidden force For unexpected luck or opportunity 14 Blue or Green
z Protection For protection as in going unnoticed 15 White
2 Sun Wheel For healing or vital energy 16 Orange, Red  or Gold
t Victory For victory or success 17 White or Gold
b The Goddess For new beginnings to invoke the Goddess 18 Green or White
e Horse and Rider For a safe journey, perfect for a besom 19 Blue
m Perfected man For self-improvement, meditation 20 Indigo or Violet
l Fluidity To gain intuition 21 Blue or Violet


A god of fertility For completion, to invoke the God 22 Indigo
d Daybreak For working where two worlds meet 23 Pale Violet
o Nobility To know one's place in the established order 24 White or Gold