Saturn Chakra Meditation: Coiled Energy


The Saturn chakra lies at the base of your spine, where kundalini energy waits to be awakened.  While sitting comfortably, close your eyes and focus your attention on the base of your spine.  Sense the Earth beneath you. Feel the connection between your Saturn chakra and the ground below.  Feel the Earth’s energy powering your Saturn chakra and merging with your kundalini energy.  Imagine this energy flowing slowly up your spine and out of each of your limbs.  Imagine it flowing and suffusing you with crackling, spectacular power.  Now, allow the energy to dissipate slowly, falling back, leaving you energized but calm.  Bring the energy back down into your Saturn chakra; ready to be activated when you need it.  Feel again your connection with the earth’s energy.  Breathe.


  ~Taken from, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meditation" by Joan Budilovsky and Eve Abramson