Scrying Techniques


Lots of things can work for scrying ... a bowl with water in it, a candle flame, a dark TV screen, a window (in the right light,) any stone you can go "in" to, a mirror (plain or black,) spheres of many materials including leaded glass and plain glass (marbles.) How are you trying to do it? I suggest setting the "mood." What works best for me is to be in a darkened room with candle light, music and incense. As with any magickal work, I cast a circle and empower the altar, then begin the work. I read somewhere that a good way to learn how to scry is in a dark bathroom using the mirror and a candle with an unobstructed flame (no glass in the way.)

Position yourself and the candle so that you are comfortable (since it may take a while the first few times) and can see your face and the candle flame in the mirror. Look past the flame into your own eyes until things go out of focus. Then re-focus and your visions will begin (the process is sort of like trying to see those 3-D images on calendars.) Then move on to other objects when this has worked a couple of times.

Another method that has worked for my students is to use a stone like malachite that has various shades in it. Focus on a darker area and crawl into the stone. Your eyes may do a variation of the focus-unfocus-refocus technique. I find these methods are easier to learn with, then go on to clear objects, which are sometimes more difficult.

Good journey,

Freya :)