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ARSAN DUOLAI Yakut Master and ruler of the under-earth; a cthonic divinity whose spirit-servants collect sacrifices of cattle and horses.


HINKON Tungus A Spirit of the Hunt, and ruler of animal life.


KINI'JE Yukaghir An aerial Spirit who controls the flow of time.


KUTKHU Kamchadal This nation's version of Ku'urkil.


KU'URKIL Chukchi A creator Spirit who brought the world into being. He is at one and the same time a Deity and the First Human and original Shaman.


NU'TENUT Chukchi Master of that which is, he resides in a house of iron, and is attended by the Spirits of Earth, Light, Darkness, the Sea, the Sun, the Moon, and the Sky.


PON Yukaghir (Something) The informing Spirit of all that exists; a remote and imageless entity which nevertheless seems to interact in subtle ways with the world.


QUIKINNA'QU (Big Raven) Koryak The equivalent on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Ku'urkil.


TOKO'YOTO (Crab) Chukchi Creator and ruler of the Pacific Ocean.


XAYA ICCITA Yakut Master and ruler of the mountain world.


YINA'MNA'UT and YINA'MTILAN (Fog-Woman and Fog-Man) Yakut A pair of animistic spirits associated with mists and fogs.