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Here are various articles, essays, stories, poems, prayers and little nuggets of wisdom that are just too good NOT to post.  If you have anything that you would like to submit, then by all means email me at the contact link listed in the menu bar above.  Thanks - Athena

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By Athena

Practically Practical - Love Is In The Air

Practically Practical - Blended Holidays

Practically Practical - Get A Grip On Stress

Practically Practical - Lughnasadh

Atop Sparkling Water

Tool Time for Witches

Practically Practical - Altar Your Perception

Relief for the Caregiver

By Aengus Og

Idle Thoughts - August 16, 2000

Idle Thoughts - August 26, 2000

Idle Thoughts August 26, 2000 - Part Two

Various Authors

A Gaelic Blessing

Coven at Pooh Corner

13 Steps to Inner Control

Witchy Women - What's In a Name?

Rethinking the Watchtowers by Mike Nichols

Dedication to Gaia

Featured Article

The Healing Gift

Inspirational Thoughts

Prayer of Awareness

Healing Prayer

Prayer to Isis

Kabbalist's Prayer



All About Altars