Atop Sparkling Water


By Athena


A man traveled through forest deep;

Making his way until twilight fell.

Setting himself by the river’s edge

Sleep soon claimed him with visions of sweetness.


He dreamt of times much happier than these,

When ‘once upon a time’ a maiden faire,

Looked on him, shining eyes teeming,

Words of love falling effortlessly from her velvet lips.


Hand in hand,

Heart to heart;

The two lovers spent each waking moment

Wrapped in the most ardent of embraces.

Till tragedy struck, tearing her from him

Her still form to a watery grave.


A soft cry of sorrow escaped the dreamer’s lips

His heart seeming to tear asunder.

The pain he felt went not unnoticed;

For the spirits of the waters deep,

They felt his torture,

Measured his grief.


A frothy foam began to rise,

Dancing on the dark silent deep.

Till stood before the slumbering soul,

His dearest departed maiden faire.


She knelt beside his resting form,

Stroking his furrowed brow.

Etheric tears streaming silently

Down those smooth pale cheeks;

Knowing their souls would ne’er again meet,

Save in web of sleep.


By his side she dutifully remained,

This gossamer spirit of the waters deep.

‘Til first light shewn

Breaking through the canopy of green


With kisses so soft as a gentle breeze,

She bid her soul mate farewell,

Sinking once more to her resting place.

And when he awoke,

Naught was left,

Save for the foam,

Atop the sparkling water.