The Sphinx

from 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco

Coptic New Year (Egyptian)


Themes: Harvest, protection, water, beginnings, fertility.


Symbols: Water, sand, pyramids.

The Sphinx is the Egyptian guardian of the pyramids. She signals the beginning of the Nile's fertile flooding.


Find a pyramid shaped object (like a fluorite crystal) and place a symbol of your need beneath it. This puts your goal beneath the Sphinx's watchful eye so she can help.


If you do any ritual today use sand to mark your circle along with this invocation to the goddess.


Great watcher, Lady of the pyramids, I sprinkle your sands to the wind.

Let the magick begin.

Sand to the East for abundant hope,

Sand to the South for fiery energy,

Sand to the West for flowing love,

Sand to the North for firm foundations,


And sand in the center to bind the powers together.

So be it!