Primary principle-Revelation

Sign correspondence-Aquarius

Description--The Star card is traditionally associated with the act of meditation. It speaks to us of a quiet, reflective pool, one in which we can see the image of our Higher Self surrounded by the waters of compassion. It is a place of rest after the more difficult experiences associated with the two previous cards. Aquarius, is the Water Bearer, who allows humanity to drink from the well of never-ending consciousness. In the Tarot, this "watering” is accomplished through the grace of a woman, as the female form is usually associated with the nurturing actions of the Soul. The lady is naked, indicating the purity of truth we find when we have earned the ability to see into ourselves. The small pond represents universal consciousness, the reservoir of all-knowing. The surface of the pond ripples with the action of the meditative mind. A continuous flow of water comes forth from the "higher jug" she holds in her right hand. This is the inspiration from above, bringing its life urge into the mind of the querent while at the same time watering the land (life circumstances) surrounding this person. Notice that the other jug is pouring water into the pond. In effect the lady (Soul) is the source of water for the pond (meditative mind).


The woman's legs form the shape of a square, indicating that the inspiration received will crystallize in one's life in some practical way. The land around the pond is fertile, and red flowers (love) emerge. The sacred bird of ancient Egypt, the ibis, is atop a bush. This is the symbol of the god Hermes, known also as Mercury, "Messenger of the Gods." Mercury is the mind, and as the ibis is not in flight, the card shows us that the mind has come to rest so that true meditation and reflection may take place. As in the Temperance card, the central figure is teaching us how to balance the emotional and intuitive nature of water with the more practical considerations of the Earth. And the Star itself;' This is the symbol for the radiant energy of the Universe, which gives Light and Life to all aspects of creation.


This energy is available to the querent, if he or she knows how to use it. The dissemination of the creative power of the sun (which, is after all, a Star) is activated in a human being through seven centers of force, known as the "chakras." These are closely connected to a person's physical body and are symbolized on this card by the seven smaller stars. These can also be seen as the seven sacred planets in our solar system. (Astrologers and occultists do not consider Mars and Pluto "sacred.")


In the reading-The querent has found a way for her own spiritual development. It is a route that leads to greater accomplishment. The person has all the energy, intelligence, and insight required for success. This card is a very positive indication of inner strength and spiritual guidance.


Reversed-Disappointment and frustration follow false aspiration and self-deceit. Personal direction is in doubt and clarity of vision is lacking. Other cards in the lay may point to what can be done to open up the current situation to greater insight and inspiration. Do not lose hope. Give up trying to use the rational mind to resolve things. Meditate to awaken oneself to deeper insights.


Exoteric meaning-The search for spiritual enlightenment. The aspiration for wisdom and the understanding of one's true nature is indicated by the Star card.


Esoteric meaning-Universal Mind and one's personal connection to it.

from the Pocket Guide to Tarot by Alan Oken