Stone Power Spell


By Ann Moura


To create a spell of power using stones, during the Full Moon place one aventurine, one carnelian, and one smoky quartz in a bowl of spring water and set outside to that the Moon is reflected in the water.  Say these words:


“Here on the day of Mars, in the hour of the Sun, I call down the Moon to charge and energize these stones!”


With your wand in hand and arms upraised, dance around the bowl chanting repeatedly:


“Power of Luna, Power of Sol, Power of Aries, Power I call!”


When the energy level is highest, grasp the wand in both hands and point the wand at the bowl:


“Empowered Be!”


Drain the water into a jar and store for use as a power elixir.  Remove the stones, wrap each in black cloth, and put away until you need an extra power kick in spells and charms.