Primary principal---Fulfillment

Planetary correspondence- Sun


Description-This is a card of great joy and represents a gift from the Spirit. Hard work is behind you (the wall) and you may now enjoy the freedom of increased aware- ness and renewed vitality. A barrier has been crossed and the querent may emerge as a child, full of the radiance of the sun. Strength is given (the horse) and sunflowers are in bloom. The open flowers indicate that a harvest is available (the seeds) which can be eaten, enjoyed, and then planted within one's consciousness (renewal and rebirth).


The child is naked with open arms, indicating that the pure love contained in Spirit is available to life here on Earth. Note that the three points on the child's body form a triangle with its point facing downwards into our ordinary daily life. The child carries a banner, signifying pride in accomplishment, while the banner's staff is crowned by a point, showing purpose and direction. The child rides his steed (the horse is also a symbol of the sun) with neither bridle nor saddle. He is perfectly balanced and unafraid, having reached a state of harmony with the lower nature (the  personality).


In the reading-The Sun reflects happiness and contentment. Things are going very well and one should be filled with excitement and enthusiasm about life in general and the situation in particular. Gifts and opportunities are being given; some have been worked for, others are freely offered from the Sun. Enjoy life.


Reversed-This is never a negative card. The person's reality is filled with joy and abundance. The reversed position merely indicates that the situation is only slightly less "sunny" than when the card is upright.


Exoteric meaning--A reality that is filled with life and energy.


Esoteric meaning--Once the "inner eye" is opened, a person becomes consciously aware of the presence of Spirit (life energy) in everything. This gives rise to an ever expanding sense of creative possibilities. One is still responsible for creating individual skills and tools to channel this Force, but the gift of consciousness is offered.

from the Pocket Guide to Tarot By Alan Oken