Sun Chakra: The Third Eye


Your Sun chakra, or third eye, is located on your forehead, between and just above your eyes.  It is the seat of perceptive energy and unclouded thinking.  Try this one outside on a sunny day, if possible.  Sitting comfortably (try a blanket, quilt, or mat on the grass), close your eyes and tilt your face toward the sun.  Focus your attention on your Sun chakra and imagine yourself communicating with the sun.  Feel its rays flowing directly into your Sun chakra.  Imagine you Sun chakra opening and instead of being blinded by the sun, imagine you can suddenly see everything with a clarity you’ve never experienced before.  With your eyes still closed, imagine looking around you and seeing your house, your yard, or whatever your surroundings are, in an entirely new light – the light of enlightened sun and the light of unclouded perception.  How do things look?  Sharper, more beautiful, radiating energy?  How would you see the people in your life when looking at them through your Sun chakra?  Now, open your eyes slowly.  Do things look different than before?  You may actually be seeing more clearly.


~Taken from, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meditation" by Joan Budilovsky and Eve Abramson