Keynote: Awakening the true beauty and power of self.

Cycle of power: Winter

The swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems.  For those with this totem, the emotions will become more sensitive, and you will find yourself becoming more sensitive to the emotions of others as well.

The swan is usually pure white which makes it a solar symbol. The neck of the swan is long and graceful. The neck is the bridge area between the head (higher realms) and the body (lower worlds). In the swan totem, as you begin to realize your own true beauty, you unfold the ability to bridge to new realms and new powers. This ability to awaken to the inner beauty and bridge it to the outer world is part of what swan medicine can teach. It can show how to see the inner beauty within yourself or in others, regardless of outer appearances. When we are capable of this, we become a magnet to others.

The swan is a cold loving bird. Those with this totem will find it easier to stand colder climates than warm. Because of this the swan has ties to the direction North, and it's symbolism should be examined as well. 

The swan is the totem of the child, the poet, the mystic, and the dreamer. Swans were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. They were depicted pulling the chariot of Apollo. Zeus took the shape of a swan to make love to Ledo (Leto), a mortal--reflecting the ability of swan to link different worlds and dimensions.

The swan is a link to the fairy realm of life. The swan can teach the mysteries of song and poetry, for these touch the child and beauty within. 

from Animal Speak by Ted Andrews



Magickal attributes: Aid with the interpretation of dream symbols, transitions, spiritual evolution. Developing intuitive abilities, seeing into the future. If a swan is seen during your meditation, pay close attention to hunches and omens. Divination on a spiritual level. 


White bird of graceful beauty,

Lift my thoughts to spiritual things.

Let me not be confined by physical matters,

But aware the spiritual outcomes guide me.

I seek higher knowledge.

Show me the way.

from Animal Magick by DJ Conway