Primary principle--Self-control

Sign correspondence-Sagittarius


Description---The primary figure in the card is an angel. This holy being is neither male nor female but represents the fusion of the two polar opposites-the angel is androgynous. As such, he or she has the ability to manifest a greater awareness of the more subtle structures of life without the conflict of duality. The angel has a halo, which indicates that Divine Guidance is present in the current situation. 


The task confronting the querent is to integrate and balance the ideal held in the heart with the more pragmatic circumstances of life. The chalices holding the water reveal the abundance of feeling and sentiment that are key to the situation in question. The act of pouring this water from one cup to the other reflects the need to harmonize and equate spiritual love with earthly existence. The spiritual cup of water (love) is higher than the earthly cup. Thus the more that the querent can integrate impersonal and compassionate feelings into the situation, the better the outcome.


The process of increasing one's use of spiritual insight on the path of personal development leads one to the Path to the sun (Divinity). The mountains in the reading represent the goal of spiritual initiation, while the irises indicate the presence of faith (in your own process of growth). Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow. She represents the bridge between heaven and Earth. Please note that the an- gel has the Hebrew letters for the Divine Name (YHVH) on its robe. The triangle within the square has the same meaning we saw in The Hanged Man card: three (the Trinity of active creativity) and four (physical manifestation). Added together, these two numbers give us seven (a cycle of growth); multiplied, twelve (a cycle completed).


In the reading---The Temperance card tells us that any personal action taken towards the completion of a certain cycle or task may appear to be happening at a slower pace than desired. The querent need not force things because the de- sired outcome will take place, but not at the speed he might prefer. Recognize that Divine Intent is at work here. The querent must be patient while learning how to understand that he or she is part of a greater cycle of activity.


Reversed-Conditions are hindering the fulfillment of one's goal. The querent is frustrated and impatient with the course of action that circumstances dictate. This lack of patience may cause him to make poor decisions. If he persists, he may even prevent a positive outcome to his previous efforts. If the querent can achieve a certain degree of detachment (especially from the emotional side of things), a more effective route of action may be created.


Exoteric meaning--The development of patience and the temperance of personal desire is required. One may learn self- control through discipline and one-pointedness.


Esoteric meaning-The penetration and expansion of the conscious mind into the unknown (subconscious) realm of life's potential is possible and available through Temperance.