Thought Meditation

Author Unknown to Me

One of the primary purposes of meditation is to make us more aware of our thought process. The following meditation is designed to assist in this process of self-awareness.

Do one of the basic relaxation exercises described in the earlier sections

As you breathe, be aware of each thought as it comes up, without censuring it, resisting it, or judging it in any way. Try to observe the connection of one thought to another (if any). Watch each thought as it departs, and be aware of the next thought that comes up. Continue this process of active observation for three to five minutes.

You will probably find a combination of present-day concerns, old memories, odd occasions, and projections for the future. Record them in a notebook, describing them as you saw them. Write down everything you can remember.

If you continue this meditation for several days or weeks, review your notes from time to time, comparing the thoughts that come up each day during your practice.