Primary principle-Destruction

Planetary correspondence-Mars

Description---A tower is being struck by lightning. The symbolism reveals that the structure of the personality (our conscious mind and ordinary, outer life) is being hit with a jolt of heavenly energy (Spirit). What we thought was solid and whole no longer serves our highest good. We receive a flash of intuition (the lightning bolt) that tears apart our previous sense of security and unity (indicated by our house being on fire and the man


If you count the number of small "dots" on either side of the tower, you will come up with the number twenty-two. Twenty-two in numerology is called the "Master Builder." There are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet and it is from these letters that all the words in the Torah are created. There are also twenty-two cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. As we know, the primary wisdom of this Hebrew teaching is contained in these cards. Upon closer inspection, we find that these are not "dots" at all, but the Hebrew letter "Yod." An- other term for "Yod" (associated with the practice of astrology) is the "Finger of God." The Yod indicates a divinely inspired set of circumstances which, on the surface, may be very challenging. The purpose for this struggle is, how- ever, linked to our ultimate good. We must struggle to gain greater awareness, and this awareness can only come when we have freed ourselves from what is familiar. Healing and wholeness will follow. The Tower tells us that we may not be able to avoid a certain degree of tearing down in the present moment, but that we do have the inner wisdom to recreate our lives at a higher level. A door is closed to us. It may even fall down upon us, but a new doorway is opening. The falling crown symbolizes that even though we may have achieved some form of great knowledge or high achievement, we must be prepared to sacrifice whatever is required in order to secure greater growth along the way.


In the reading-What was achieved in the querent's life up to this point is in the process of being destroyed. Difficulties at the present time can be attributed to short- sightedness. The querent did not have the understanding of the larger picture and made do with the smaller. The current situation will probably not work out according to the person's frame of reference. A more expanded vision is required, necessitating the destruction of the status quo.


Reversed---The setbacks indicated by the upright position of this card are less devastating in the reversed position. Things will have to change and adjustments must be made, but circumstances are not as difficult as they might have been.


Exoteric meaning-Setbacks due to personal ignorance or misuse of power. The querent must deal with a more precise assessment of who he is and what he can do.


Esoteric meaning,-A flash of understanding revealing the "self' as the "Self" This revelation destroys some of the personality's hold on one's creative potential. The opening into the Higher World requires some destruction in the Lower.