Using Simmering Potpourri Mixtures:


Fill a pot with at least 2 cups of water.  Add the mixture.  Simmer over low heat for ½ hour or longer.  If you’ll be simmering for longer than a half hour, add more water.  If you wish, use a potholder to carry the simmering pan around your house to further spread its energies.  (A simmering potpourri pot can also be used.)  As the scent rises, the power that you’ve placed into the potpourri is automatically released. 

Never simmer such mixtures simply for fun, or to deodorize your home.  To do so wastes their energies.  Reserve your simmering potpourri for magical purposes and create general mixtures for deodorizing purposes.


Love Simmering Potpourri


To expand, broaden, or introduce love into your life, simmer this mixture of herbs.  (This can also be used to strengthen a long-standing relationship, or to bring your own family closer together.  Love begins within.  Love yourself, then seek another with whom to share love.)


v     3 tbsp. Rose petals

v     2 tbsp. Camomile

v     1 tbsp. Coriander

v     1 tbsp. Lavender

v     1 tsp.  Cinnamon

v     ½ Vanilla bean


Mix in a small bowl and charge with loving energies.  Simmer while saying:


Love awakens in these rooms;

Come by the power of these blooms!


Use every day.



Money Simmering Potpourri


If money is a problem rather than a pleasure, when you’re faced with unexpected financial obligations, when the money you earn doesn’t seem to come in fast enough, brew up one of these and set money-attracting energies into motion.


v     2 Cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces

v     4 tbsp. Whole Cardamom seeds

v     2 tbsp. Whole Cloves

v     1 tsp. ground Nutmeg (or 2 whole Nutmegs)

v     1 tsp. ground Ginger


With your fingers, mix these ingredients in a small bowl, while visualizing increased prosperity.  As you mix them, say these or similar words:


Money simmer in the air;

Money shimmer everywhere!



Protective Simmering Potpourri


Simmer this mixture at regular intervals (once a week or so) to drench your home with protective energy.  This safeguards it from outside influences of all kinds – if it’s performed with the proper intent.


v     4 tbsp.  Rosemary (whole)

v     3 Bay leaves (whole)

v     1 tbsp. Basil (whole)

v     1 tbsp Sage (whole)

v     1 tbsp. Fennel (whole)

v     1 tsp. Dill seed (whole)

v     1 tsp. Juniper berries (whole)

v     A pinch of dried Garlic (can be omitted)


Mix in a small bowl with hands, visualizing your home as a protected place.  Charge the herbs with protective energies.  Add to simmering water.


When the scented steam rises, chant the following or similar words:


Air and Water, work my will

To guard this house with power bold;

Earth and Fire, work to still

All dangers both untold and told.



Purification Simmering Potpourri


While spring cleaning or at any time you wish to clear away cobwebs of useless energies that exist with in all homes, after household arguments, when a roommate moves out, whenever tension is in the air, simmer this mixture with at least one window open.  (During winter or rain, open the fireplace’s damper, crack a window an inch, or otherwise ensure that there’s a clear and easy path out of your home for the duration of the ritual.)


v     6 tbsp. Peppermint

v     1 tbsp. Spearmint

v     1 tbsp. Rosemary

v     1 tbsp. Dried lemon peel

v     1 tbsp. Dried lime peel


Mix, charge, and simmer as you say these or similar words:


Scented breeze, blow pure and clear

Unwanted power far from here.



Psychic Simmering Potpourri


If you wish to link your conscious mind with your psychic awareness, if you wish to use tarot cards or rune stones or other tools to glimpse possible future events, create this blend and simmer to stimulate your psychic mind.


v     3 tbsp. Galangal

v     1 tbsp. Start anise (or 2 whole)

v     1 tbsp. Lemon grass

v     1 tbsp. Thyme

v     1tbsp. Rose petals

v     A pinch of Mace

v     A pinch real Saffron


Mix and charge the herbs in a small bowl.  Visualize your psychic awareness as being under your control.  Smell the fragrance rising from the herbs.  Inhale the energies.  Relax, chant the following words, and foretell.


Starlight swirls before my eyes;

Twilight furls its wisdom wise;

Moonlight curls within the skies;

The time has come to prophesize.


(We realize that genuine saffron, which is available at gourmet shops, is quite expensive.  However, just a pinch is necessary here and may be omitted.)



Magical Simmering Potpourri


To be used before ad/or during all forms of magical rites.  This formula boosts your reserve of personal power.  Use at least four cups of water to simmer the following mixture.


v     4 tbsp. Dried orange peel

v     4 tbsp. Whole allspice

v     2 tbsp. Ground ginger

v     2 whole carnations (preferably red) or 1 tbsp. ground cloves.


Charge the herbs and spices while mixing them in a small bowl.  As you mix them, say these or similar words:


Flowers and spices,

Charged by the Sun;

Help me ensure that

Magic is done.

Open the path to

My energy;

This is my will, and

So mote it be!


Simmer and let the herb’s powers fill the sir as you do your magical working.  (Remember to turn off the stove after your ritual.)


~all recipes taken from, “Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects” by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington