Witches Brew


Midnight Lightning Slashes the stormy sky. Three haggard figures on a

lonely hill lean over a huge cauldron. They throw noisome ingredients

into the boiling water - poisonous herbs, noxious reptiles, snake

venom - and cackle as steam rises and the wind howls like tortured



So goes the standard brew-making scene, thanks in large to authors

such as William Shakespeare. They vividly capture and firmly,

implanted such powerful but absurd images in our minds. Brews (also

known as potions) may be as prosaic as herb tea, or as mystical as

rainbow infusion.


They stem from early magical, ritual and medicinal preparations, and

are as effective today as they were thousands of years ago. In herb

magic, brews are little more than herbal infusions or teas. They

needn't be prepared over an open fire in a forest clearing, your own

stove or backyard will do nicely.


Their are so many different kind of brews, some are drunk, some are

added to the bath and others prepared to release fragrant steam into

the air, infusing the area with the sum total of the herb's



It's The Water

The type of water used in brewing is of some importance. Well, spring

and distilled waters are preferred over that which pours from the

tap. You can buy these bottled or collect them from the source, so

long as it's unpolluted and free running. Rain water is ideal for use

except when gathered in smoggy areas. Tap water can be used as a last

resort, but consider purchasing the bottles variety in the future.

Sea water and mineral water aren't recommended due to their high

mineral content.



The Heating: Fire, gas flame or stove coils will do for the heat

source. I suppose you could prepare a brew in a microwave oven, but

this isn't the best idea. If nothing else, it reduce some of the

magic of the process. If you're the old-fashioned kind, try making a

brew in a fireplace or outdoors over a blaze.


The Vessels

It's best if the water and herbs don't come into direct contact with

metal while brewing. There are few exceptions to this in herbalism.

One is cauldron brewing, which is little-practiced today. Herb-pots.

But in general, avoid metal. Clear glass jars work well for Solar

infusions. Simply place the water and herbs into the jar and set this

in direct sunlight, preferably outdoors. Leave it there for most of

the day. Some brews ask for specific colored glass jars.



Not every brew in this section is made in the following manner. Use

specific instructions where given.


Gather, grind & mix the herbs. For brews to be drunk, use specific

culinary mortar & pestle for grinding, not the one used for heavy-

duty magickal herbs.


Empower the herbs with your magickal goal.


Heat about 2 cups water to boiling. Place about one handful of mixed,

empowered herbs in a teapot or some other heat-proof, non-metallic

container. Pour the water over the herbs. Cover with an equally

non-metallic, steam tight lid. let the herbs brew for about 13



Strain through cheesecloth or a bamboo strainer & use.


Brews should be used as quickly as possible. If necessary, they can

be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. After this time, return

them to the earth & create a new brew.


A note regarding "love" potions. There are no drinks that will

emotionally enslave another person to you, no brews that will cause

love. However, some brews have long been celebrated for relaxing

inhibitions and mellowing the emotions. Also, a few have been used to

smooth over difficulties during long-term relationships and

marriages. (from 'The complete Book of incense, oils & Brews' by

Scott Cunningham)





APHRODISIA: A Passion Drink

1 pinch Rosemary

2 pinches Thyme

2 tsp. Black Tea

1 pinch Coriander

3 fresh Mint leaves (or 1/2 tsp. dried)

5 fresh Rosebud petals (or 1 tsp. dried)

5 fresh Lemon tree leaves (1 tsp. dried lemon peel)

3 pinches Nutmeg

3 pieces Orange peel


Place all ingredients into teapot. Boil three cups or so of water &

add to the pot. Sweeten with honey, if desired. Serve hot.






3 Parts Rose petals

1 Part Each: Clove, Nutmeg, Lavender, Ginger

Make in the usual way, preferably in an earthen pot. Add this mixture

to tea, or serve alone to increase the passions.






3 Parts Rose petals

1 Part Each: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Bay, Mugwort


Place in a teapot, fill with boiling water, let steep, covered, for a

few minutes. Remove cover, sniff steam - (not so that you burn your

nose) for a few moments, visualize the mystic scent opening your

psychic awareness, then lie down & prophesize. If you wish, drink a

bit of the brew as well, & let the steam continue to rise as you

stretch your psychic awareness.






1 part each - Bay, tobacco, Damiana, Mormon Tea & Broom (Non-toxic)


Equal parts each: Acorns, Barley, Honey, Ivy, Hellebore, Bay

(caution) - DO NOT DRINK!


Boil water in a cauldron over an open fire. Place all ingredients in

the cauldron. Sit before it & entrance yourself by watching the

flames. Smell its mystic scent & receive wisdom.





2 parts Rose Wheat

1 part Each: Mugwort, Peppermint, Jasmine flowers, Cinnamon


Mix, add one tsp to a cup. Pour boiling water over this & let steep,

covered, for a few minutes. Drink before going to bed to promote

psychic dreams.







3 parts rosemary

1 part bay

1 pinch cayenne


Mix, add one tsp mixture to a cup, pour boiling water over the herbs

& let steep for 9 minutes, covered. Drink a few teaspoons a day, or

add to the bath.



Witches Healing Potion

Written by Gerina Dunwich


Witches potions used for healing

Must be brewed with sincere feeling.

Use the herbs that work the best,

Then let Nature do the rest.

If you need an incantation,

Say the words with exclamation:

"With intent the potions bubbles

For good riddance of health troubles!"


Omens of the Witch's Brew --

From Gerina Dunwich's Book "Magick Potions"


If a Witch's brew continues to boil after it has been

removed from the fire, it is said to be a sign that

the Witch will live to be a ripe old age!

This omen originated in Europe in the Middle Ages.


A quarrel with a friend or family member is portended

if a Witch's brew should accidentally be spilled on

the carpet. However, it is said to be a sign of good

luck to accidentally spill some upon yourself.


It is bad luck to brew philtres (love potions) when the

moon is in a waning phase or during the time know as

the dark of the moon. The ideal time is during a

waxing moon, especially on Valentine's Day.


If two Witches stir the same brew, they will be

stirring up strife, according to an old superstitious

belief from England.


If they both drink it from the same cup, it will bring

them bad luck unless they are married or hand fasted to

each other.


It is said to be extremely unlucky for any Witch to

heat his or her own brews and potions in a tea kettle

or cauldron belonging to another. (To avoid this, a

good rule of thumb is to always use your own magickal



If a lady and a gentleman pour out a cup of brew from

the same pot, this is an omen that a child will be

born to them.


If two women pour, one of them will give birth to a

red-haired set of twins within the year.


It is an invitation to poverty and misfortune should

you throw away herbs that are leftover from potions

and brews.

For good fortune to smile upon you, always dispose of

used herbs by casting them into a fire.


A stranger will soon be arriving on your doorstep if

you accidentally leave the lid of the tea kettle or

cauldron off while preparing a magickal brew. This

superstitious belief hails from Victorian-era England.


It is said to be unlucky to stir a Witch's brew in a

counter-clockwise direction. To do so creates bad

vibrations and attracts negative influences. Always

stir in a clockwise direction.


If your left eye itches while you are brewing a

potion, this is an omen that sorrow shall soon find

it's way into your life.

An itching of your right eye indicates precisely the

opposite. How and where these originated is a mystery.



from another list...


Witch's Daily Brew

~source unknown

Long ago I read Sibyl Leek's book "The Complete Art of Witchcraft". I

think that was the book that started my daily herbal brews. She drank

red clover tea every day as a body/energy strengthener. I tried that,

but later switched to instant ginseng tea for convenience and as a

daily ritual. This is the most recent development, and a recipe that

friends can't get enough of, I've even sold/traded it occasionally.

The proportions are rather intuitive and dependent on what's on hand,

but basically mix all of the following and use about a teaspoon of it

in 6-8 ounces of very hot water, let steep for 5 minutes. I'll add

botanical names and attributes of each ingredient as soon as I can.

If you don't have all the ingredients, no problem, make it without

them! This makes 2 of my friends VERY SLEEPY, so use at night if that

happens to you too. Personally I feel energized by it.



* 1 handful lemon verbena

* 1 handful lemon catnip or regular catmint

* 1 handful red raspberry leaves

* 1 handful red clover blossoms

* 1 handful spearmint leaves

* 1/2 handful peppermint leaves

* 1 large handful chamomile flowers

* 1/2 handful chickweed

* 1/2 handful dried nettles

* 1 handful lemon balm


If you live in a country where it is legal, and have glaucoma, are

under chemotherapy treatments, or for Sabbats, 1/2 handful of

cannabis (sativa preferably, or indica if desired or for severe

illness) leaves, NOT flowering tops can be added. Otherwise this

addition may not be wise for a daily brew!