Seeing Wolf in your dreamtime can be either horrifying or awesome depending on the other symbols in your dream AND what is going on in your waking life. I see Wolf as the teacher and pathfinder. However, Wolf can also symbolize fear of not being able to deliver the goods (meet the need), like the Wolf at the door, and can also symbolize inappropriate behavior.

When Wolf appears in a dream you pretty much know that you have the ability to share your 'medicine' with others. This is the teacher aspect of the symbol of Wolf. The teaching from Wolf may be for another person or even for you. We often miss the personal teaching. If Wolf appears in your dreamtime you may want to consider teaching or lecturing on information that will help others to walk their paths more easily by understanding life better. Remember to notice the teacher within also. Wolf can help you to find your true self. Wolf is not about howling at the moon, Wolf is about becoming the moon!