Primary principle--Mastery

Elemental correspondence--Earth

Description-A woman is placed within a wreath of olive leaves. The leaves signify victory  over the struggles one has undergone in order to reach a positive conclusion to the situation in question. The woman's body is in the shape of an Egyptian "Tau-cross." In ancient times, the Tau-cross was a measuring device used to create the right angles of a square. The square is associated with the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn. The symbolism indicates foundation and completion, a base from which the querent can proceed even further in life.


The woman is holding two wands, indicating that she has a "mandate from Heaven" to continue on her path and create her life. The wands are also symbolic of the two primary pathways of creation: evolution (the right hand) and involution (the left). The four figures in each of the corners of the card are the same as in "The Wheel of Fortune" card and have the same meanings. These are the four fixed signs of the zodiac, indicating that the qualities of strength and determination of purpose have been well earned. The querent may now step forth armed with the power of personal achievement.


In the reading--The querent has achieved a definitive state of completion. He or she has undergone a series of life experiences in order to fulfill a special goal. The goal has been achieved and recognition from others is likely. More important, a sense of self-esteem has been developed, based on the querent's own process of inner and outer growth.


Reversed-This is a period of stagnation. The querent may be blocked or is hesitating in his or her efforts to put the current situation to rest. There is a lack of motivation and a resistance to completing what must be done in order to finalize the current life experience.


Exoteric meaning--The completion of an important task or relationship.


Esoteric meaning--Wholeness, liberation, freedom from a karmic life situation. Bringing out into the world what one has learned so that others may share in wisdom gained.