Building your Astral Bridge

In their temple training, the ancient Egyptians referred to psychic development as learning how to "build the bridge"

Often, I had used this term in relation to establishing a psychic link with an astral partner. It wasn't until recently that I stumbled upon the above quote. Perhaps I had found an ancient memory locked in my Akashic records that hinted at the ancient body of knowledge we once possessed in our conscious minds.

Many doctrines today have explained about the astral body, also known as the ethereal body, or the "Body of Light. It is our electromagnetic essence known universally as the soul. The soul is our seat of power and allows us access to the Universal Mind. With training, we can slip into this Universal knowledge from our higher self. The conscious mind is sealed from it, for the most part by distractions, emotions or physical illness.

The purpose of this exercise is to train you to build a pathway, or bridge to your Higher Self. Once established, you can access it at will and gather the information you desire, be it the well being of a friend far away, the past lives you once lived, or your own Akashic records. This bridge can also be established with other Astral Partners, and as you learn to use it, becomes stronger and more reliable.


Building the Bridge

There are three main methods that can help you to build this bridge to your own psychic development. These are psychic stimulation through sound, passive meditation, and active meditation.

Our species has been using sound to stimulate psychic ability for thousands of years. The Egyptian temples of wisdom taught that the universe is represented by two sounds. The one representing the Sun and the powers of the day is RA. The second that represents the Moon and powers of the night is MA.

Putting these two together gives us RA-MA. This sound provides vibratory nourishment to your astral body - the source of all psychic activities. Upon rising in the morning, repeat this tone five times, do it also at noon and at sunset, or before you retire for the night. Intone this sound long enough to feel the vibratory flux in your body. To just quickly say, "RAMA, RAMA, RAMA, RAMA, RAMA", will not do anything for you. Feel the tone as it vibrates inside you. Elongate the pronunciation of it to achieve this effect. This will prepare your astral body to become active and properly prepared for the stimulation you are about to subject it to.

Unless your astral body is built up and strengthened, its centers will not open. These centers correspond to the centers of physical activity such as the heart, thyroid, solar plexus, and the brain. The energetical functions of these organs are beyond your present imagining. They do not just pump blood, they are connected to the astral world on the energy level. Those that have gotten a "gut feeling" about something have had their solar plexus center giving them vital information gathered on the energy plane. When you feel an upswelling of emotion at a particularly beautiful piece of music, or event, that is your heart Chakra working on the astral level. We are just now beginning to understand the larger role these points of our organism play in our astral lives. The health of these centers on the energy level can also have a great beneficial effect on healing the physical body, as well.


Passive Meditation

This is best done in a secluded spot, either a field or in the woods where you will not be disturbed by others. Start by sitting quietly and close your eyes. Turn your thoughts to a simple object such as a flower, a plant or a stream. Shut out all other thoughts except the image you have chosen. If it is a tree, think about it from all angles - its appearance, height, scent, method of growing - and so on. Let your mind enter deeply into this meditative state so that you begin to see the world around you from this tree's point of view. Feel the warmth of the sun as it warms your bark, and be aware of the birds nesting in your branches. Sense the strong Earth beneath you as it holds your roots firmly and sends pulsations of nourishment up into your being. Become the object you have selected.


Active Meditation

The purpose of active meditation is creation, to bring into physical manifestation an object or an event or even an attitude or frame of mind in another person. Auric healing is done in this fashion. Visualize the object clearly and without distortion or distraction.

The ultimate objective of your active meditation in the year to come is to create the "bridge of light" between your subtle body and your waking consciousness. Across this bridge you will be able to bring awareness of distant events, a comprehension of things past, and a very good anticipation of things to come. If you are diligent, your Higher Self will also start to communicate with you.

Start your meditation exercises by visualizing a great white orb, like the sun, above your head. It should be as bright as you can make it and about five feet across. See it as pure white, without color or markings. Work on this until it becomes clear in your mind. Your mind will attempt to change this, but you must resist the urge and control your mind and thoughts. Practice this for one month at every opportunity - in the morning, at midday, and before retiring for the evening.

After practicing this exercise for 30 days, try to slowly move yourself up into the white orb during your meditation. At the same time, let it move slowly downward until you are standing in the center of this brilliant sphere. Hold this impression for three long breaths, at least, before dismissing it from your mind. Do this several times each day, along with the other exercises for one more month.

You must complete the preparatory exercises before you try to enter the sphere of light, which is the most important step in building the bridge between your active and subjective consciousness. You need to properly condition your mind to develop psychic talents.


Crossing Over

When you follow these exercises, some unusual things will begin to happen that demonstrate your establishment of the Bridge of Light. You may find yourself becoming sensitive to certain impressions, experiencing thoughts of others (telepathy) before they speak, or receiving a premonition of an event before it actually happens. Many have reported OBE's (out of body experiences) during this phase of their development. The astral plane you will be able to access is also the place where the Learning Temple is located, known as Askleposis, it is a place where we can access our Akashic records, which contain a complete history of our past, present and future lives.

It is important to successfully build the Bridge of Light that will enable you to cross it anytime you desire and bring back to your waking senses the vast knowledge of the past and present as well as future events. By so doing, you will be ready to travel on the Astral Pathways towards Auric healing and remote viewing, also known as SRV, or scientific remote viewing.


Cylinders of the Pharaoh

Recently, breakthrough research from a group of Russian scientists and parapsychologists have discovered ancient Egyptian technology that has enabled them to recreate energy devices to boost the physical body's receptivity to the higher vibrational frequencies induced by long periods of meditation. These devices, known as Cylinders of the Pharaoh, enable the user to quickly gain the necessary levels of psionic brain wave activity. They are similar to galvanic batteries and work with the energy centers of the palms.

The ancients used these in order to raise their mental capacities to a high enough level to where they could communicate on the astral plane and gain the soul's energy bands much quicker than if they were not used. The large crowns, known as coronas, that the Pharaoh's used, had an amplifier in them that concentrated these signals onto the hypothalamus.

It is with honor that we are able to offer these devices to those in America that wish to also attain the same levels of rapid development the ancient Egyptians were able to achieve. I have used them myself for one year now and have noticed and increase in ESP events, rapid healing properties, and increased energy levels. I require less sleep, and after a major surgery, I did not need pain medication and healed 3 weeks faster than normal recovery periods required.

They have specific fillings in them to counter various ailments, such as regulating irregular blood pressure, angina, tinitus, insomnia. They are sealed and contain either a ferrous magnetite carbide or a quartz crystalline filling, depending on which set you are using. One is for high blood pressure and one is for low blood pressure. Both are excellent at alleviating stress related illnesses, and boosting the auto immune system.

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