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October 26th, 2003 - - -One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar - Helen Keller
What is Grounding or Earthing?
These notes are only guidelines to aid you on your own Spiritual path and as with all spiritual work it is often about finding your own Truth. If you disagree or feel uncomfortable with anything that is suggested here by all means find an alternative Truth that is acceptable to you.

Grounding / Earthing is all about the awareness that we are still in a physical body as well as endeavouring to become spiritual workers and beings.

Why is it so important that we ground / earth ourselves?

Below you will find a few ways in which being grounded can make such a difference to our everyday life:

Brings life in to matter and to be able to bring our healing abilities into the physical.
Increases balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state.
Helps bring acceptance that we are here to fulfil a purpose.
Brings strength.
Helps in creating a bridge between Spirit and matter.
Provides an outlet making the release (of energy) easier.
Allows the attainment of higher Spiritual levels.

As a healer it is very important to keep your patient grounded. How will I know if I am grounded or ungrounded? Below is a list of some of the more common symptoms of being ungrounded. Usually each individual will encounter the same one or two symptoms each time they are ungrounded.

A feeling of being 'Spaced Out'
Feeling sick
Heart palpitations
Eyes flickering
Weight gain
Static shocks
Falling asleep when meditating
Noise and light sensitive
Having brilliant ideas that never happen
Arguing and unable to get your point across

(Please note that many of these symptoms can also be linked to other physical conditions or illnesses, if in doubt always check with your GP.

Light and energy work is complementary to general medicine and should not be viewed as a substitute.) So how do I become more grounded? Here are some things you can do to help bring you back down to earth:

Eating (hence sometimes the weight gain) - healthy and balanced.
Drinking water
Walking, especially in natural surroundings
Sports, yoga, tai chi etc.
Animals eg. walking the dog
Being purposeful
Visualization of roots / colour (see below)
Carrying / working with crystals (see below)

All of the list above is fairly self explanatory with the possible exception of visualization and the use of crystals, so here is a quick guideline as to how you can use either of these techniques:

Visualization - The easiest and most helpful thing to imagine when you are trying to ground yourself is tree roots! Just imagine you have great long sturdy roots coming from the base of your feet (which should remain flat on the floor during the visualization), or, from the base of your spine if you are sitting directly on the floor. Just let these roots go right down in to the earth below and let them anchor you onto the earth. This is a very quick and efficient technique to remember when releasing energy such as static shocks from cars and supermarket trolleys!

Colour can also be quite helpful, deep earthy colours such as red, brown and terracotta are always good. Again just imagine that this colour surrounds you. You can imagine it as light or a cloak or blanket, whatever is easier for you.

Crystals - Crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process. It is best to carry them in a trouser or skirt pocket (or sock if you can make it comfortable!). You must remember to cleanse and dedicate your chosen crystal for this purpose before using it. A small piece of tumbled stone will be sufficient to carry with you.

Here is a list of a few easy to obtain crystals that could be used for this purpose: Red jasper (most jaspers are good as grounders) Bloodstone, Hematite, Gold tigers eye, Carnelian, Garnet, Pyrite, Copper, Amber, Unakite.

www.mystic-mouse.co.uk (c) Mystic Mouse 2001

Divination: Cartomancy Part 2 Card Interpretations
The Influence of Suits


You may find that when laying out the cards, one suit is more strongly represented than the others.  It is important that you take this into accounts in your reading as each suit is said to have its own particular area of influence.  The impression conveyed by the prominent suit should be used to modify your interpretation of the other cards


Domestic life – love, affection, friendship, marriage, the family.  Hearts also stand for ambitions successfully realized and are considered lucky.


Success – with money, business, and loyalty; failure, betrayal, and financial worries.


Life outside the home.  They also suggest that ambitions can only be realized and money made through hard work.


Misfortunes – loss, suffering, enemies, treachery, failure.  They warn of dangers ahead.

Card Interpretations by Suit

Hearts Card Interpretations

Ace – The home, love, friendship and happiness

King – A good-natured, impetuous, fair-haired man

Queen – A trustworthy, affectionate, fair-haired woman.

Jack – A close friend.

Ten – Good fortune and happiness.

Nine – “The wish card” that makes dreams come true.

Eight – Invitations and festivities.

Seven – False hopes and broken promises, an unreliable person.

Six – An overgenerous disposition, unexpected good fortune.

Five – Jealousy, indecisiveness.

Four – Changes, delays, and postponements (especially of marriages).

Three – Warns of a need for caution.

Two – Success and prosperity.


Clubs Card Interpretations

Ace – Wealth, health, love and happiness.

King – An honest, generous, dark-haired man,

Queen – An attractive, self- confident, dark-haired woman.

Jack – A reliable friend.

Ten – Unexpected money, good luck.

Nine – Friends being stubborn.

Eight – Opposition, disappointment, the taking of reckless chances.

Seven – Prosperity – providing a member of the opposite sex does not interfere.

Six – Business success.

Five – A new friend or a successful marriage.

Four – Fortunes changing for the worse.

Three – Marriage bringing money.  May indicate several marriages.

Two – Opposition and disappointments


Diamonds Card Interpretations

Ace – Money, a letter, or a ring

King – A stubborn, quick-tempered, fair-haired man

Queen – A flirtatious, sophisticated, fair-haired woman

Jack – A relative, not altogether reliable

Ten – Marriage or money, a journey, changes

Nine – Restlessness.  A surprise connected with money

Eight – A marriage late in life.  A journey leading to a new relationship

Seven – Heavy losses

Six – A warning against a second marriage

Five – Prosperity, good news, a happy family

Four – An inheritance, changes, troubles

Three – Legal or domestic disputes

Two – A serious love affair


Spades Card Interpretation

Ace – Emotional conflict, an unfortunate love affair.  Sometimes regarded as    the “death card”

King – An ambitious dark-haired man

Queen – An unscrupulous dark-haired woman

Jack – A well-meaning but lazy acquaintance

Ten – Misfortune and worry

Nine – Bad luck in all things

Eight – Trouble and disappointment ahead

Seven – Sorrow, loss of friendship

Six – Some improvement in circumstances

Five – Reverses and anxieties, but eventual success

Four – Jealousy, illness, business worries

Three – Faithlessness and partings

Two – Separation, scandal, deceit


Next Issue: Special Card Combination Interpretations


Material provided from the "Little Giant Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling"

Seasonal Recipes
Fall Fun: Treat O' Pumpkins
This is a very fun activity for the kids to participate in. There's lots
of mixing and measuring. You even get to add food coloring ... a kid
favorite. Let them form their "pumpkins."
3 T. Butter
1– 10 oz. Package Marshmallows
6 c. Rice Krispie cereal
Orange food coloring
 1. Melt butter and marshmallows in a microwave bowl for 2 minutes.
 2. Stir to combine, microwave for one additional minute.
 3. Stir to combine, add orange food coloring.
 4. Add Rice Krispies to mixture.
 5. Roll into balls, use butter on your hands to keep from sticking.
 6. Add a licorice stick or a green gum drop for a stem.
 7. If you want a jack o' lantern, you can add candies for eyes, etc.
 8. Refrigerate for a few minutes.
Food Folklore - Apple


Apples have apparently been regarded as sacred or magical in almost every country in which they grow, and from very early times. In ancient Ireland the apple-tree was one of three things which could only be paid for by living objects. To destroy an orchard was in many parts of England almost sacrilegious, and it was said that if an orchard was destroyed to make way for another crop, the crop would never prosper. In Yorkshire it was considered unlucky to strip an apple-tree completely, and an apple or two (even deformed or inedible fruit would do) was always left as a gift for the birds (or faeries).

An old Samhain charm was for all the district's unmarried young people to tie an apple onto a piece of string and whirl it around before a fire. The one whose apple fell off first was said to be the first to marry; the last left with an apple was fated to die unmarried. An apple could also be peeled in one long strip and tossed backwards over the left shoulder, and the shape made by the peel was said to show the initial of the future spouse.

An old cure for warts was to cut the apple into as many pieces as there were warts, rub each piece on a wart and then bury the pieces in the earth. A variant of this stated that the apple should be cut in half and each half rubbed on each wart, after which the apple should be tied together and buried. As the fruit rotted, the warts would disappear.

The ancient custom of Wassailing the apple trees was intended to awaken the sleeping tree-spirit, drive away bad luck, and ensure a good harvest. It usually took place around Yule, and involved the farming folk choosing one tree in the orchard to represent all. The people would drink to the tree with cider, throw cider over its roots and put a piece of bread or toast soaked in cider into a fork of the tree's branches. Guns were fired through the topmost branches of the trees and much noise was made by blowing cow-horns and beating on pots and pans. Often the trees were danced around, and in most places some variant of the Wassailing Song was sung. Omitting the ritual was thought to bring bad luck and a poor yield of apples that year. Author Unknown

Think About This...

Samhain Mirror Incantation

Recite this incantation before scrying into your black mirror on Samhain eve...

"Mirror of shadow, reveal what I seek.

Powers of old, secrets so deep.

East then South, West and North.

Watch tower guards, I call you forth.

Traveling sphere, no harm to fear.

Circle protects, here and there.

Stars beyond, from Pluto's realm,

Scorpio rules God's golden sun.

By the power of three times three,

Lord and Lady, so mote it be."

~ Barbara Morris