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Who are we...and why is this site here??

Our names are Athena and Laruna.  We are two women with the yearning to share our knowledge with you.  If you desire to read more on what we (and this site) are all about, please by all means continue on.  Otherwise, blessed be on your journeys we wish you well!


Welcome to the Enchanted Grove - let me first begin by telling you this:

If you are one who truly is a student of the Craft, who strives to excel in every area they can, then they WILL NOT

try to evangelize or "convert" you to their way of life. That is not what we do, and it is for the simple reason that we believe that when someone is ready to study the craft, then a teacher will be placed into their path (and vice versa). There is also the question of manipulation, whether or not what you say "forces" someone to make a decision they are simply not ready for. Let's face it - OUR TRAD is the BEST trad....but wait! You may be Gardnerian and I may be Wiccan, or a Priestess of Isis . That is one of the beauties of the craft - you have the freedom to worship the God and Goddess as YOU see fit, according to our individual needs and goals. This is also one of the reasons (I have found) that evangelizing is not a good thing (I am not one to just "go along" I question EVERYTHING!!). I Let's look at it this way...if you were in need of a new pair of pants, would you go to the rack that had a particular size JUST BECAUSE someone told you those pants were great for them? Of course not! You would head t the rack that had YOUR size, wouldn't you???? (I know I would *G*)

Ok then on to what we do believe (there are differences, but this is the general idea). We do believe in the God and Goddess, rulers over all, whom we are descended from - in essence their children. We do believe that we are the ones with the power to shape and form our own destinies, and there are times when we use magic (whether it be consciously or not) to accomplish this. HOWEVER...there is one hard and fast rule of all those witches who practice responsibly:


We do not want to manipulate another in any way shape or form, because we believe in the law of three...whatever you do, whatever energies you send out, you WILL get back in like three time over....which means if you manipulate or force your will on another, you can surely expect to get that energy back at you. Doesn't sound very attractive, does it? Yet there are those who do that very thing, and I will tell you , as one who has seen the results, it's not advisable. There is nothing wrong with performing magical works to better yourself, as long as you are the only one affected. We also strive to be in harmony with all of the God's and Goddess's creations.


Now you know who we are and why we are here..did you want to look some more?  Click a link below!