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Athena's Tribute

As I think back over the last year, various ideas and emotions flood my mind.  So many things have happened to me, both good and bad, but one constant remains – all events of the past year have been instrumental in evolving me into who I am today.  The one event I wish to share with you was not necessarily what one would consider “good “ or “happy” in the traditional sense, but this event, this person is very special to me and I would love to share some of her beauty with you.

Morgan.  A name that evokes an abundance of thoughts – mischief, love, protector, teacher, sister, friend.  She was an extraordinary woman who entered my life for a brief period before she was involved in a fatal automobile accident that took her life, last fall.  Even though she has crossed over to the Summerland, she remains a large part of my life.  There is not a day that passes where I am not reminded of her in some way, usually when I was not “at my best” and needed boot in the butt to get me back on track.

This woman has inspired me to embark on a journey of self-discovery.  To find out who I really am and then make no apologies for that.  As long as I can face myself and my deeds at the end of the day with satisfaction and not regret, I am being true to myself.  Now this does not mean I am aloof, cold, heartless, but I have learned from her example that I have to take care of myself, or there will come a day when I am of no good to anyone.    I need to replenish the spiritual spring within, so in turn it can flow freely outward for the good of others.  This has also enabled me to explore an area of my soul that I have denied for too long.  I have always known that I was unique in certain areas, and my parents as much as they love me, tried to discourage the “fad” in the interest of protecting me. I was born into a semi-traditional fundamental Christian family, and they knew I would be open to all sorts of hurts from others we knew.  However, my yearning did not so easily go away.

In fact it never went away.

“Morgie”, (a nickname bestowed on her by another special lady named Midnight) never made any bones about what she was.  In plain and simple terms she was a wife, a mother, a friend a sister, and a witch.    She never broadcast it, nor did she hide it, but it was apparent she practiced the craft.  The beautiful thing was, she wanted to share her knowledge but would only do so if YOU asked.  She was not going to evangelize her faith, she knew that when an individual was ready they would approach her.  She also had no illusions about her humanity, and would admit fault and seek forgiveness if she had wronged someone.  This is the person who has inspired me to seek out my true calling in this life, to reach deep within myself and draw on strength I never knew I had.  I love her dearly and I am forever grateful for the joy and honor of calling her friend and sister.

I am finally on my journey Morgie – and no I don’t need a “psychic slap” today.


An Awakening


A thousand points of light,

Dancing before my eyes.



Melodies and voices joyfully raised,

Entwine to form an exquisite symphony.



Thrumming vibrations massage my skin,    

Coursing lifeblood through my veins.



The heady scent of nature’s brew,

Tickling my nose like a sweet perfume.



Marvelous confections roll over my tongue,

Teasing my tender buds with delight.



My soul bursts with music as yet unsung,

Tales not yet told,

Amazing possibilities.

~ I have been awakened.