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Christine's Tribute

Iíve come to learn that the life we are given is a
short and often tough experience. Iíve also come to
learn that sometimes one doesnít have to know someone
for years and years to call that person a friend. I
met her online and had only known her for several
monthsÖbut in the time I did know her she brought
laughter and joy to my life. We were both fans of the
Undertaker and would often talk of our favorite dark
warrior when we had a chance to chat. She made me
laugh and also gave me a comforting shoulder when I
needed someone to talk too. She was a very witty, fun
loving, sweet lady, and Iím glad to have had the
chance to call her my friend.

I canít remember exactly when it was that I
got to know Morgan. We started chatting with each
other over AOL Instant Messenger and became friends.
Both being wrestling fans and also being devoted fans
of the Undertaker, we found we had much in common. I
remember we would talk about how good he looked in the
ring, melting when he looked at us with his emerald
green eyes. I would talk about stories that I wrote
involving him and fantasy situations that I would put
him in. I remember that she remarked her favorite
story was where Iíd put Taker as a detective along
side Steven Segal. I remember how she wanted to see
the story end, as she loved it so much. I only wish
that Iíd taken the opportunity to finish it sooner.
Itís hard to remember all that we said to each
otherÖand when I look back on it now, I really wished
I had saved our chats. I always looked forward to
talking with her.

Talking about the Undertaker and fiction
werenít the only topics. At the time Iíd met her, I
was also going through tough times with my family.
Coming from a tight income family surviving from check
to check, sometimes day to day, it got frustrating
trying to not go insane. Sometimes the day to day
frustration would get so great that Iíd think Iíd just
want to jump off the cliff and get it over with. But
when Morgan was on, I could come to her as well as
several other friends and just get stuff off my chest.
She was always a good listener, and was always
willing to lend a shoulder to a friend when it was
needed. Once someone got on my nerves about my
website devoted to the Undertaker. I had already had
a bad day, and this just sent me over. I talked to
Morgan for quite a bit, and she had me feeling better.
Also in the time that I knew her my mother, sister
and myself were struggling to find a place to move to.
Our landlord decided to terminate our lease since the
house was falling into more disrepair than he could
afford. It was frustrating just trying to get bills
paid, and utilities from being cut off when on top of
that we have to look for a new place to live. It was
a very stressful time for me, and she helped me to
keep my spirits up and not go off the deep end. I
looked forward to talking to her when she was on.

If there were things that we didnít have
time to talk about one day, I took for granted that
weíd talk about those next time we were online to
chat. But I learned that life and all itís special
moments should never be taken for granted. I learned
how short life can be. I always believed she would be
there the next day, and we would chat. But I learned
from another dear friend of mine that Morganís life
had been cut short because of a car accident. I
couldnít believe it for a moment when I got the news.
Then, when the reality sunk in, I just burst into
tears. I didnít want to believe it was true. She
couldnít be gone. I had just talked to her days
before. But, sadly, it was true. For several days, I
was just in shock. And now it being almost a year,
sometimes itís still hard for me to believe. I put a
candle up on my website and my story forum to remember

 I wish I had known her longer, and I wish that
Iíd said more to her when she was here. She was a
very sweet lady and though I didnít know her long, I
miss her. I guess sometimes itís not how long youíve
known a person, but the impact made on you while that
person was here. And Morgan was definitely one of
those people, the kind of person who touched a life
quickly, and made an everlasting impression on the
heart. She is someone I will remember fondly always.
Iím glad to have had the chance to know her the brief
time she was here.