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Lorddess' Tribute

Lux mundi

(translated as "Light of the World")

When people talk of one who has gone away
their tears and words of what they say
It makes those who never met that one
feel jealous, sad, for work undone

Morgan, I never met in the flesh in this life
I wonder about her children and if was a wife
but there is one thing I know for a fact
her magic was real and that is that

I was honored to continue one of her own on her path
In circle, Morgan was there, sharing tears and a laugh
We feel that in death we have been left, deserted
but through our senses, we remain alerted

See, energy and souls do hear our cry
In the Celtic view, death does not mean die
As Merlin and others remain in our hearts
our loved ones can meet us through magical arts

Today say a prayer for a friend that is gone
Funny how a year can feel so short or long
Know that waiting in the fields of gold
Morgan is there, her hand, ready to hold

I love you Athena