Book of Shadows

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KISS Series (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Index / Introduction/ Who Am I/ Do I Need the Gadgets?/ House Cleaning Chant


Laws Ethics and Guidelines

Laws & Goals / Lessons you won't find in books/ Wiccan Rede / Charge of the Goddess


Sabbats and Information

Introduction to the Sabbats / Intro to the Sabbats - Beltane / Beltane

Intro to the Sabbats - Imbolc / Imbolc / Lughnasadh / Mabon Activites

Mabon / Mabon Recipes / Mabon Prayer by Edain McCoy

13 Mabon Ideas / Intro to the Sabbats - Midsummer/ Midsummer

Ostara Ritual and Lore / Samhain / Intro to the Sabbats - Yule

Yule Ritual and Lore / The First Yule


Rituals and Rites of Passage 

Invocations and Blessings

A Wiccan Blessing for a Newborn / Dedication Pledge

Empowering Ritual / Healing Rituals and Spells - Page one 

Healing Rituals and Spells - Page two / New Moon Ritual

Rites of Passage /A Ritual of Gestures 

Spell to Revive Magickal Power


Love and Friendship Spells

 Cajun Love Spell / Call Me Spell / Love Powder

A Love Spell Bottle / New Love Tarot Spell/ Daisy Love Spell 

 The Right Love Spell / Spell to Establish Stability

To Ease an Unrequited Love / "Too Sexy" Oil / Myrtle Crown Spell

Miscellaneous Spells

Miscellaneous Spells 1 2 3

Moon Garden Spell / Releasing Outcomes / Sacred Space

Stone Power / Four Elements / Computer Repair / Delilah's Delight 

Earth Mother Candle Ritual / Full Moon/Eclipse at New Year

Protection & Prosperity Spells

Money Spell Bottle / Moon Brew / Find a New Home 

New Moon Ritual / To Revive Magickal Powers 

On the Road Jinxing Spell / Success in School / Seeing Gremlins

Banishing Knot / Do It Yourself Money Spell / Five Pennies 

House Protection / Job Spell Box / Luck In Business

Garlic Protection / Initiative Spell 

Healing Spells

Food Magick / Get Rid of a Cold

Healing Rituals 1 2